Boomers, Die Off Already!

I really do wish Boomers would just die off already.

Do the world a favour. Let us have our reset without you. Disappear, and we'll pretend like you never existed.

Leave us, so we can try and pick up the pieces from the crippling debt, wars, inequality, over-procreating, housing crises, economic damage, and damage to the planet that you and your generation Doomer have caused.

The most uneducated, selfish and just plain dumbest generation to ever exist, Boomers, I look forward to bidding every last one of you adieu.

May 23, 2021

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  • You’re just blaming a whole generation for the things the government did. End of story. If you’re mad about the state of the world, blame the people in charge rather than an entire generation.

  • I think that the way things are in this world lately it would be nice to take parasites like this and neutralize them all with extreme prejudice

  • I need a good little b**** to come suck me off, how about it?

  • Yeah, we'll die off eventually, but not before f****** up a bunch of little f*** like you.

  • F*** you a******

  • Do you work? Because from your post, it sounds like you don't. In which case, shut-up and get a job.

    And if you do work, shut-up and focus on your own s***.

    The World doesn't owe you anything. Stop pretending like it does. Only YOU can change your outcomes in life.

    PS: This is coming from someone who grew-up disadvantaged, now a self-made millionaire!

  • You mean like the world gave the boomers? You all just pulled the ladder up behind you and said f*** the next generation. F*** off and die you old piece of s***.

  • I'm millennial but I'd rather be boomer. Millennials are bad enough, Gen z are even worse. Totally self obsessed and self entitled

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