Underage Smoking - From Shock to Seduction

My wife and I are both heavy & happy smokers, we love sharing our time together and smoking repeatedly. My wife started smoking, with her mother's encouragement when she was just 8, and I always felt slightly appalled that her mum would do such a thing as to get her little girl addicted to smoking as just a child. But my lovely wife has always said that I needn't be angry for her and that she loved being a child that smoked and that she and her mother grew very bonded when once she started smoking. Despite this, I remained slightly uneasy about the matter.

But, because of her interest in the matter, my wife has become active in the child smoking community (I never imagined there was such a thing) and she has shown me quite a few of the messages posted by mother, aunties, grandmothers, and of course fathers, who have helped their child take up smoking, and despite my initial repulsion, I cannot deny the sense of love that these people speak of . My wife has also shown me lots of photos of kids smoking, and, I have to confess, they looked really quite cute and the cigarette between their little fingers kind of suited them.

We have a 7 year old niece and my wife, probably because of her own childhood smoking experiences, wants us to encourage her to try smoking and to be open to the possibility that we would let her become a smoker. She has a plan to deal with the way we should tell my sister in law what we are doing, and to support our niece as she transitions into a smoker.

My resolve has weakened, and I now also am very much looking forward to this whole experience. We have arranged for Cindy to come and stay with us for ten days, while her mother is on Aussie, and my wife believes this will be quite enough time to do what she is planning. Cindy is to arrive at our place on Friday after school, and the exercise will begin. I feel slightly conflicted because the rational part of me knows it is a "bad" thing t do, but I am very curious now, and think I know that, even though she is just a child, Cindy is the type of person, slightly fragile and unsure of herself, who smoking could be a lovely way for her to feel comforted and good about herself that she is allowed to be doing a very adult activity.

So, I have gone from being totally opposed to helping a child start smoking, to a person who is now looking forward to doing just this. My wife wants to begin by telling Cindy her own story and, while Cindy is cuddled up on her lap as she is smoking, she is going to say to her to have a little try, and get her used to the sight of smoke coming out of her mouth. Then she (&me) are going to tell her how beautiful it feels when the smoke goes down into our lungs, and encourage her to let us show her how to inhale. I know as well as any smoker that, as soon as Cindy feels her first lung hit, she will be slightly swept off her feet, as well as a little dizzy. As soon as Cindy gets used to inhaling, my wife is going to explain to Cindy that she (& me) think that she will make a great little smoker and that, if she keeps going, she will get addicted like she did when she was a child, and, from then on, she will need to always keep lighting herself up. We will let her ask lots of questions, give her her own packet and an ashtray, and encourage Cindy to try and smoke as much as she can so that she transitions quickly into a proper smoker. My wife believes that, with much love, Cindy will be completely hooked easily within her ten days with us. My wife has told me that she will encourage Cindy to build herself up to a packet a day, and she is going to tell Cindy that, once this happens, she will not be able to imagine the thought of not being able to smoke.

Oh, I imagine that lots of people would want to see me publicly flogged for what I am about to do (& I would have previously agreed with these people), but my mind has changed and I am being seduced into a taboo, but which I am assured will be a wonderful thing for everyone, especially Cindy once she makes the change from normal non-smoking kid to a fully blown smoker, just the same as us.

I will keep you updated about how this experience unfolds.

May 24, 2021

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  • Your doing the right thing getting your 7 yo niece to enjoy smoking

  • Wow hope you get Cancer and COPD, People should be sent straight to h*** for doing this to a kid.

  • Sick

  • This is satire right please oh my lord

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