Young Children Love Smoking

There are multiple confessions on this webpage about parents, especially mothers, who love to smoke and have helped their kids to become smokers when they are just little. There's also a great website called Mister Poll with an active form called (Woman only) Did you teach your daughter to smoke ( There are many fantastic posts by very loving mothers who have helped their children take up smoking - quite a few when they are just 3 or 4. The results of the poll are amazing, with a total of 1059 mothers who helped their child become a fully addicted smoker at the age of 5 or younger, 156 at 5-6, and 240 when their child was 7-8. I believe, based on how active these sites are and the ever growing posts that express, without an exception, just what a loving experience it has been for the mothers to support their child to begin smoking. I have never read a post be anyone who has said anything about regretting their decision to get their child smoking young. There are a few recent posts from moms who have guided their little 3 or 4 year old girls through the stages of beginning to smoke, and , once they have got the hang of it, supported them to develop heavy 2-3 packet per day addictions. There is a powerful feeling of love in these posts and a clear message that their little girls (& boys) are so much more happy now that they are smokers. Never have I read a post expressing any regret about the mom's choice to get their child smoking.

Based on all of these thousands of posts, I am in no doubt that, even though the idea of kids smoking is taboo, there are hundreds and thousands of people who know that they are doing the right thing supporting their beloved little girls to smoke, and to become heavy smokers like their moms.

I hope this confession can become another active place to bring all of you mothers, aunties, fathers, grandparents etc. who have let your children begin smoking together and share the joy that we see on our kids faces when they take a satisfying drag on their smoke.

I know from my own first-hand experiences, and from all of the hundreds of posts that becoming a smoker as a child is the best time of all to begin smoking.. Being shown by your mom, aunty, gran etc. how to light up, inhale into your lungs, flick ash and stub out is an act of love. So is it when the mother etc. explains to their child about addiction, and encourages their child to smoke as much as they can so that they can get addicted like their mom. Everyone's posts I have read express how much happier their beloved daughter/son is once they have an established and heavy addiction, like their mommy's.

It is so lovely for a parent to help their little girl/boy to get established on their own brand (often menthol), be given their own ashtray to put beside their bed, and to be encouraged to smoke in the car, when they are playing in front of other adults, and in the bath. Being a smoker, and being supported by their mother etc. to smoke as a family, sometimes to smoke with mom cuddled up on her lap makes the little girl feel so lovely each time her smoke hits her little lungs, and the mom/aunty etc. so very proud of their little one.

In every case, both the mom and the little girl know as soon as the child learns how lovely the feeling of smoke going into their young lungs feels, that getting properly addicted is the only option. In my own experience, and in all of your stories, the child loves how beautiful they feel with a smoke, and, as long as the mom gives the necessary encouragement, the little girl gets used to smoking really quickly and it is joyful for both the mom and child once the little one knows they can't stop such that an enormous bond is established and the family can smoke together all the time.

Both when I became a smoker at 7, my own girls at 4 and 6, and my GD at 4, each of us as little smokers quickly knew we wanted to get heavily addicted and each of us, as we sat their with our burning smokes between our little fingers, knew within a few days of smoking how beautiful it felt for us to now have no choice but to keep feeding our growing need for smoke.

Kids love smoking with their moms etc. It feels so much more lovely for a child to start smoking safely with the love and guidance of their mom etc. When I see my GD's 4 year old face as she pulls her smoke deep down into her lungs a look of utter contentment and comfort. She is such a relaxed little girl now that she smokes, and we talk to her about how special she feels now she's a proper smoker like us. She loves it when we have our friends around and to smoke in front of the other adults. The other morning when she was staying with us, we had a sleep in, and when we went into GD's room, she was snuggled up in front of the heater playing with her dolls and even thought it was just 8:30 in the morning, she told us she lit her first smoke in bed as soon as she woke up, and loved it so much that she had kept lighting herself up and she had 5 butts in her ashtray.

Our GD after just 3 months is up to a pack a a half a day, and we love nothing more than seeing her adorable little face as she smokes throughout the day. Everyday at lunchtime, we pick her up outside the school gate so she can come to our place and feed her addiction. She tells us she loves smoking and doesn't want to stop, and we tell her we love her smoking too.

Children who smoke and their loving parents are the best. Even better is the feeling for the family once the little girl gets herself a heavy adult addiction. It really is the best time of all to start smoking.

Let's share our heartfelt stories of helping our kids to smoke and getting them into a heavy dependence. There are so many people like us, and this is a great place to share our stories and encourage other moms etc. to get their little one smoking.

Lots of warm smoke-filled blessing to you all xxxx

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  • My daughter Rebecca started getting curious about cigarettes at the age of 11. So as her mom I taught her how to light them, and how to inhale. She got addicted after about 2 months of smoking, and now that she's 13 she smokes about a pack a day of Newport 100s. The only problem I have is that a lot of her friends have started smoking crack, and as a former addict I'm scared I'll try it again and give it to Rebecca to smoke.

  • Have u got other friends let there children smoke

  • I have a 9yo girl who smokes 3 ppd since she was 7. She sits there masturbating on the sofa with her 6-inch ** smoking on a cigarette all the time. I'm hoping she'll have ** soon, as her dad I feel it's my responsibility to teach her that, and this includes pounding her ** full of sweet **. I've created a confession on it just waiting for it to come through.

    Great to hear of the smoking stories!

  • Your daughter is hot what does she smoke

  • Do u have friends let there chldren smoke

  • Any other parents let there children smoke and any smoke with a ** in there vigina

  • That is great what brand does she smoke my 10 year old daughter smokes marlbro red 2ppd

  • I'm 7 years old . I don't like smoking, but I love fu cking. I go crazy when Daddy spunks off in my tight pu ssy.

  • My GD has now been smoking for a year, she loves lighting herself up in bed when she wakes up and soothing herself ahead of the day ahead. She smokes regularly throughout the day, and has an addiction of the same strength as her grandmother. We are a smoking family, we are a close family, and a happy one. MY GD smokes regularly during the day, tells me she feels safe and cozy when she smokes and that she never wants to quit. I am so pleased for her, and she looks absolutely adorable with a burning smoke between her delicate little fingers. Smoking just suits her, even though she is just 6 years old. I am proud of my GD now that she is a full time smoker. When I watch my GD lighting up her cigarette and having a drag, I see a look of pleasure and comfort on her face, and, quite often, as we smoke together, she tells me how lucky she feels to be allowed to smoke and how much she loves the way smoking makes her feel. Even though she is just a child, my GD enjoys her cigarettes as much as any adult,

  • Did u have other children that smoke

  • How many ppd doses she smoke what brand and do u have children that smoke

  • What the **. Like, any other topic would have been better to troll. Tldr, op is stupid and spent way too much time on that repetitive garbage.

  • I don't see the problem of the discussion. Smoking children have always existed, there are now, and always will be. No matter what age. I started smoking when I was 3 1/2 years old and my daughter, who is now 5 years old, has also been smoking for 2 years. Well ...... I just don't ring it up. As long as she likes it, she should smoke as much as she likes. I find it far more reprehensible when parents first make their children drug addicts at the early age of 6 to 12 years and secondly exploit them sexually, as described in the poll mentioned above, for example. But nobody says anything against an 8-year-old giving a car salesman a ** until he gives her mother a discount on the car or the same girl and her older sister are sold for group ** just to top up the household or drug coffers. Likewise, nobody says anything against a 12 year old who is heavily addicted to cocaine and has to offer herself sexually just to bring home money. No .......... nobody cares. On the contrary .......... people were delighted about it and want to hear more about it. Even in this forum there are such cretins. In the case of children who smoke, however, society immediately turns it into a huge problem and condemns the parents who allow and encourage it. But parents who make their children drug addicts and sexually exploit them are not condemned in public forums, but rather ** off while reading.

  • What brand does she smoke

  • I for one love hearing this and dont see a problem. I have grand kids who all smoke, youngest is 3 so the fact you daughter is 5 and been smoking 2 years, good for her. My 3yo is a boy but he loves it probably as much as your daughter or his sisters, 7 & 5. I for one would love to hear more. share experiences with you.

  • Your children how many did u have and how old when they started smoking

  • I love that i have 3 children 5 7 9 all smoke 1ppd any moore parents like there children smoking your grand children how much ppd do they smoke and u

  • Such beautiful prose. I cannot agree more. In fact, I take it much farther. My children all want to eat as much sugar and play with dangerous items as much as they want, so we just happily help them. Tonight they want to eat Tide pods and then test out their cardboard wings as they jump off the roof. I love supporting my children :)

  • I hope the OP enjoys his cigarettes in prison.

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