Who does that.

My BFF straight up asked me if she can have my husbands babies, I was like "Excuse me?", I know her and her husband had been having trouble concieving and my husband and I have been...On the outs lately but what a thing to contemplate, We had a little drunken discussion about this and she told me it is her husbands soldiers who are lazy and my husband can't walk past me without knocking me up (3 times), Also they want to concieve naturally, She says he is not against the idea even though it would be someone elses kid essentially but it's either that or adoption and they don't like the idea of adoption just for the simple fact that you don't know if the baby comes from a crackhead or an alcoholic or anything like that.
So I drunkenly agreed to this and the plan was to just go out, Get plastered and end up in the wrong bedrooms, Her husband was going to be aware and mine not because I didn't know how he would deal with the idea of her and her husband raising his kid, The plan went off without a hitch except...I was the one who got pregnant. The original plan was for them to hook up, Me and him would have a snuggle night and then her and her husband would hook up the next night, Then who knows right, Maybe it is maybe it isn't his.
Yeah so we get wasted, Go home and I propose the idea of switching to my husband and hers who was aware of the plan, Her husband waits for mine to agree to it before he says "Uh, I don't know...Ok". We all giggle and go in the house, Me and him were supposed to just snuggle and he could grope but that was all. Well, Laying there being felt up by a guy I have always been slightly attracted to was making things difficult and then when I started hearing my BFF in the next room it may have pushed me over the edge, I said "Ok, Just oral" since my BFF had told me her husbands oral game was "On point", Yeah, It def is and I couldn't help myself once I seen that he is considerably larger than my husband. About 300 positions later we had gotten it on way more than one time and when I woke up I shook him and said "One more...Quietly".
I am...Thicc(er), 5'4" 140(ish) DDD's and thicker hips, Thighs and butt where she is shorter than me, Slimmer than me and way smaller chested than me but he really seemed to enjoy what he was seeing, I was on my back, Legs flopped open no covers absolutley loving his...girth and the door quietly opened, He paused, She came in and we all stared at each other, She looked back acroos the hall, Back at us and closed the door, He said "Oh s***", She said "Oh please I knew the whole time, You guys are not quiet...Just finish...Hurry up" and she stood there, It was super awkward and she finally came over, reached around him and played with is nips whispering to him and we came simultaneously.
She said to him "Baby...Could you make us some coffee?", He nodded, Got up and left and I cleaned up while we talked, She said "Ok, First off...I don't care, I knew you guys would so whatever and when we took a break we could hear you just so you know incase he asks later" I nodded and she said "Second off...Are we ok?", I assured her we were and then 3 months later I had to tell her I was pregnant.
Damnit...4 frickin kids and we all get to live with knowing full well that one is his. I am 90% sure.

Oct 2, 2020

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  • I was a regular sperm donor in college. When word got out I started inseminating a couple naturally that asked nicely. I met my wife during this time. She thought it was hot. We then met a lesbian couple that my future wife bragged about. They eventually got a naturally made baby by me too. I got married, we had three kids and then... unexpectedly... my wife's ex-BF knocked her up when they were catching up. Since he looked a lot like me we kept it.

  • It happens.

    My hubby just has to look at me and I become pregnant. Well it’s also because he has a long 8 inch c*** and a sperm count that’s off the charts.

    Both my neighbor and my sister (not the same person). Had troubles getting pregnant. They asked to “borrow” Jim and presto. They are now happy mothers.

    Now my neighbor’s sister want to borrow Jim.

    It’s crazy how fertile that man is. I got my tubes tied after 4

  • My wife and I had friends where the wife had had her womb removed because of cancer. We talked about ai and surrogacy. They did not have the money for ai and anyway the other wife had no overies. In the end we did the practical thing. The other guy f***** my wife.

    Now in the middle of all this we all actually went and spoke to a lawyer and wrote up a contract. The lawyer said in reality if the agreement falls apart the contract actually wont stand for much.

    I did have some emotional effects. They offered for me to f*** the other woman and I declined. She even offered oral and we went into the bed room but I couldn't get hard.

    The other guy f***** my wife almost daily for a bit over a month until she showed as pregnant. It sounds weird but I actually didn't mind. It was also kind of weird having a wine with them and the conversation being quite casual about going off to do it or offering me to do the wife.

  • I had a one night fling with a friend of mine and her husband, Just drunken stupidity and ended up pregnant, I had a miscarriage and never admitted to my husband that it wasn't his and luckily he never put the timing together, It would have been close anyway but was def not his.

  • I did a similar thing but it worked properly, My sister who has decided to stay single but wanted kids asked if she could do the same thing. We gave my husband every mans fantasy and had a threeway...Yes he got to have sisters.
    She got pregnant and everything was great, She now has three kids and couldn't be happier. (Yes all his so yes we have done it 3 times)

  • One can enjoy this without it becoming the wierd ass thing that others portray it as

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