Late and worried...

I am several days late for my period and I am sweating bullets! In high school I dated black guys. My parents were not thrilled about interracial dating but I didn't care. I ended up dating and getting married to a white guy so all ended well.
I admit I have not been faithful in my marriage. I am still very attracted to black guys and I have had a couple of affairs. Both were simple s** with no strings understood up front.
Recently I messed up. I work in an office handling insurance and claims for a small factory. There is a black guy there that has been hitting on me for months. 2 weeks ago I told him to come to my office. Made an excuse about some insurance papers he had to sign. I shut and locked the door. I told him it would be a one time thing so he should not expect anything further. He agreed. I got on my knees. He opened his pants and let them drop to his ankles. I sucked him until he was good and hard. I ripped open a condom and slid it on his c***. I wasn't wearing any panties so I pulled up my skirt and bent over the desk. We had to be quiet so we were not able to get too wild. A few times he pulled out of my p**** and slapped my a** with his c***. He lasted about 10 minutes when he whispered he was going to c**. He gripped my hips, held his c*** inside me and grunted. It was then I started to panic! I felt his hot c** pouring out into me. When he pulled out I spun around to see his bare c*** and I could feel the c** dripping out of me. The condom was laying on the floor behind him. He just laughed as he pulled his pants up saying "sorry, I hate those things".
Well it's 2 weeks later and I am 4 days late for my period. I have had s** with my husband as well but if I am pregnant there is a good chance the baby could be black.

Aug 21, 2021

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  • Your husband may be thrilled. I knew that my wife had a black boyfriend within two years of our wedding. When she got pregnant I knew that there was probably an equal chance that it would be black as white. My wife's mother was at the birth and boy was she surprised that the baby was black. My wife and I just told her that I had some black relatives several generations back and that there was a chance that we could have a black baby.

  • That's great! Hope you living in Texas. 😀

  • W h***

  • Get checked by doctor.

  • Home test says I am pregnant. I will have to tell my husband soon.

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