He ruined the whole thing

My best friend and I went out the other night, My parents were away and so we had some drinks and a few more and came home drunk, Only my brother and his friend were at the house but I could tell he had just recently kicked other people out because they were still cleaning up. We went to my room and my friend (Wren) went to get a drink, When she came back she was hinting that my brother was looking good, My brother is 13 months and 3 days older than me and should be leaving for college in two weeks but who knows if he will, Anyway I sluffed it off until his friend Mark knocked on my door and asked if we wanted to play pool, It was 2:00am so I said no but Wren said sure.
20 minutes in and Wren kisses my brother, Another few minutes I kiss Mark and we all end up on the couch, We move from the couch and I tried to lead Mark to my room but he pushed me toward my brothers room, I figured whatever and thought if things got crazy I would just move it to my room.
Things heated up but it was more....Playful than anything and there was "Oh yeah, Who has bigger b****, Who has this, Who has that. It was a little awkward but I was drunk enough that me and Wren ended up showing our b****. I am Blonde haired, Green eyed, Pale skinned, 5'3", 130lbs and have D's, Wren is brunette, Brown eyes, Dark skinned, 5'5", 140lbs and has DD's.
Both Wren and I change in front of each other so I knew what to expect and she has big, Hangy b**** with big, dark areolae, Mine also hang more than I wish they would but I have smaller light pink areolae.
Wren threw a kink into things when she asked who's **** was bigger and they whipped them out, I looked away but Wren was like "Oh don't be a prude, It's just seeing it", I was thinking good thing I am drunk because this s*** is so weird. So yeah, I looked and my brothers is bigger, Wren was quite impressed and if I am honest just from an analytic point of view he has a quite large d***. Again I tried to move me and Mark to my room and somehow me and Wren instead ended up in our thongs, When the discussion turned to comparing vag's I said no and 2 minutes later me and Wren are sitting on the edge of the bed, Her right leg over my left and both spread with Mark and yes...My brother standing in front of us...Ugh.
I don't even remember how but a few minutes later me and Wren are side by side giving head and then my brother pushes her back on the bed, Mark pushed me down beside her and we are doing it, As if this wasn't weird enough my brother went full weirdo, I look over and he is looking at me, I glared at him and he looked back at Wren, Me and Mark change positions and I am on my hands and knees kissing Wren (First time for anything physical between me and Wren or any girl for either of us) and I feel one too many hands, I look back and my brother had his hand on my ass, I slapped it away and just looked at him like WTF!!!!
I roll onto my back again and then my brother stands Wren up beside the bed, Bends her over and Mark slides me over so I am under her, We play with each others b**** and whatever and then my brother has Wren by the hair and pushes her head down to suck my nips and then I look down and he is leaned right over her watching her suck my nips, Ok weird enough but after a minute or whatever I realize that Mark is not the one holding my b00b, My brother is holding my b00b, Like grabbing it and holding it so Wren can suck my nip, I pull his hand away and look at him shaking my head no so then he holds Wrens and puts it in my mouth, I was like Ok, this is better, Not great but better.
After a little bit Mark turns me so that me and Wren are the same way but she is on her hands and knees and I am on my back, Wren is working her way down my body and when she puts one knee on the bed then the other I was like "Whoooooaaaa....F*** no", I look up and her vag is right there and my brother is still in her and his ball sack is hanging right over my face, I slide out from under her and they get us laying side by side so I am thinking his is better, Reasonably safe but my brother keeps looking over at my b**** and when Mark leans back he is looking at my vag and finally I say "Hey...No, Not ok to be looking, Focus on Wren", Pretty much everyone just laughs and we carry on.
My brother again gets Wren on her hands and knees and has her bending over me so we can kiss but she is blocking my view and it's not until she lifts her head to adjust her hair that I can see Mark is leaning back and my brother is rubbing my c***, I slap him away and move so me and Wren are at a 90 degree angle with me out of his reach. He gets Wren on her back and Mark starts talking about finishing, Me and Wren have our heads side by side at a 90 degree angle and I thought about it for a second but then Mark pulled out and I had other problems to focus on.
I'm saying "Here, Here, Here" holding my b****, Mark shoots right over them and I tilt my head back and turn my face to avoid getting it on my face and it happened anyway but just on my lips and chin but all the way up the side and then I got hit from the other direction and all I could do is gag realizing what was happening, My brother was holding me and Wren by the hair while him and Mark came on both of our faces, Both of them on both of us.
I had a mini meltdown and slapped his hand off my hair and screamed at both of them as I broke down in tears and ran for the shower. Wren was mad at me after for leaving her there because she said they both did her right after I left and they didn't give her an option just went for it.
It could have been a fun night but instead turned into probably the worst night of my life, Like the worst I will ever have probably.

Sep 7, 2021

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  • My sister invites me over to to her house once a week to have a few drinks. One night we got really drunk and she told me that she has always wanted to be raped. I don't think much about it at the time. But later that week I keep thinking of having sexy with her. My sister is a bigger girl but is still sexy. So the next week I was over I keep thinking of how hot to f*** her as soon as she got her kids to bed she came back out with a drink. She sat down next to me. I called her sexy and kisses her neck she smiles thin said no brother it's not right. I grabbed her by the neck and push my tung in her mouth and the Uther hand down her pants. She was super wet she kept trying to push me off. I started ripping off her clothes as she begged me to stop once she was fully nude I forced her back on the couch and forced my d*** deep in my sister tight little pussey she was so tight like we was made to fit together I f***** her as hard as I could she was crying and try to get away. Soon I new I would be c****** so I started getting ready to pull out. She looks me in the eye and said if u pull out I will tell everyone what u did to me. Think about getting my sister pregnant made me so h**** for her I put my hands around my sister neck and held tight her face was bright read as I could feel my sister squirts around my d*** I couldn't take any more I pump the biggest lode of my life in my sisters pussey. We had s** over and over all night. She is pregnant with my baby now and I rap her every night now

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