I left my boyfriend for his grandson

I am 63, retired, well of and independent. I started seeing a nice man and we had some fun together. But he had a grandson, Mark, who was not your normal boy. He would always be ogling me and watching me. After a couple of weeks, his ogling turned more physical. I would be in the kitchen bending over and he would cop a feel of my bottom. I was going past him in the hallway and he groped my breast. I was so shocked I said nothing. I realise now, that was a signal to him that I wanted it because since then he took every chance to grope me and molest me that he could. What shocked me the most was how much I actually enjoyed it. Then, a few weeks back, I had some things to take back to my place and he volunteered to help me. I said it was fine but his grandfather encouraged it so I ended up going home with his grandson. Once inside my house, his groping was out of control to the point he actually made me o*****. Once that happened, any defence I had against him was gone. The next thing I knew, we were in my bed and he was going at my p**** like a battering ram, and to my horror, I was more sexually excited than I had been in decades. I actually found myself telling him to give it to me and not to hold back. In that moment, I became his s** friend and I was more than ok with it. He is barely legal and looks much younger than his age, so having him between my legs is the biggest turn on and it feels totally scandalous. But it's been 3 months now, I stopped seeing his grandfather because I felt guilty. But I actively encourage this young man into my bed 4 to 5 times a week and it feels so amazing I don't want to stop even though I know it must.

Sep 25

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