Someone posted my possible criminal acts with my name online

I can't believe someone has done this. If you google my name multiple times 2 different posts come up on those expose a cheater/ predator sites. There are 2 but I will sum it up by describing one of them. The other one describes in general what I did. While the main one goes into more detail than I wish. I called different crisis and suicide lines. I was calling and acting like a made up story about me and a young teen girl was real. I was acting like I'd been caught and it was a turn on to hear their reaction. It was a turn on to talk about this imaginary girl and rubbing her down there. They caught me and the primary concern was that it had really happened. Which it didnt and they chose to not report it to the authorities because it didn't fit the criteria of what they are mandated to report. One lady took one of my calls and ended up suffering sexual trauma from the call. It was just her reaction. I wasn't very descriptive and didn't even use bad language. I never threatened really talked at the women, but she probably knew why I was doing it and that's what cause her to be so disgusted. Originally they didn't know that anyone had been affected. But later when I found out they didn't look into it too much. This was all over a year ago too. They gave my name, the police department to call and that I do those types of calls and the same thing for Chats on the internet. By deceiving women into thinking I am asking for peer support. I have admitted to do an exactly what she describes to the people at the crisis centers in other places. It wouldn't be that hard to find evidence. I wouldn't be talking about it if I hadn't already done it so much. Have a habit of making it look like I have a self-destruction wish. To get myself hemmed up. And this is preventing me from being punished as a certain points, because they thought that it was something that I was scheming. That's not exactly what was going on. It doesn't really work like that. The reality of something is a lot different than the idea of it before it actually happens. Specially something like jail and the s** offender registry. But now I wonder if they're gathering evidence and they're going to get me. I've looked it up and it's technically what I did could be a charge. But they commonly don't charge people for it because they don't have evidence. But my case is a little different. The person also said that I likely masturbated during the calls and chats. That's not going to look good. I possibly talked about this too in other places and possibly told some of the people at the crisis place when I was being questioned. It's because I screwed up and sometimes certain people get information out of you because they're good at what they do. And why I feel like I got away with something with the woman that was traumatized. But I never foresaw this happening. The worst thing that it mentions is that I have an attraction to young teens. Which is true as far as fantasy goes but nothing beyond that. It even says that I don't act on that. But it says that they are not sure if I do or not... That part they were accurate about cuz I don't. I know but I wouldn't do that cuz I don't want to do that to a child. It was the adults that were my victims. If I victimized anybody. Please tell me if you might have an idea about this and what could happen. Or what you feel about it. Is it really as bad as it sounds? You think I'll go to jail? I certainly don't want to go obviously when it comes right down to it. It it will be very embarrassing and cost a lot of money. Plus the possibility of jail time but I have only the most minor of very old charges on my record so that would maybe get me out of that. I appreciate it if anyone has an idea of what they think could happen.. I guess it could just all pass and I wouldn't be held accountable. That would be nice. I still feel genuine guilt. I guess it wouldn't be fair.

Oct 6, 2021

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  • This guy got busted for something, maybe this. Got like 8 months in jail. One call taker was underage. That is so awseome. Im so glad he was caught and punished. I know him from real life. He deserves every bit of his jail time.

  • We can only hope you are cayght and punished. 😊

  • This is all true and its gotten worse. Email for info to report him. The more who call his local PD the better chance of incarceration and high bond. Sexts underage. Prob p*** too.

  • Marcel Shihadeh has entered the chat!

  • Oh really? Your wife Emily Preibus was a little girl when you were in that relationship with her. She is now your wife and you cheat on her with little girls that you teach at your middle school Baton Rouge which you were fired from and now you’re in the VA with your wife grooming the potential girls for your threesomes. Oh yeah your wife was fire from the Bullfish for f****** her boss husband’s or one of the chefs even though she is being controlled by Marcel Shihadeh the famous pedo indie actor 😹😹 F****** weirdo! All they’re social media screams out pedo and groomer relationship just looked at all of their followers and who they follow as well. It’s obvious that Marcel Shihadeh and Emily Preibus are the child molestar couples (IG MarcelNoShoesOn and _EmilyPreibus and Tok Marcel_Marcel4 and EmSilly1) You can’t deny it!

  • I believe you have mistaken me for someone else.

  • Sounds like you may go to jail. Our choices have consequences. Besides you deserve to be corrected. Def to be on the offender registry. I think some months of jail time too. Learn from it. I'd get prepared.

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