Chinese Women

I seriously don’t understand till this day what the f*** is going on within the minds of virtually all Chinese women in particular, less so for the men though. They are afraid of the sun(to avoid “becoming black”), they are afraid of the rain(which may in turn ruin their “precious make-up-ed” faces). They like snow because to them snow=white, white=clean. And when they are in “white” state, they feel more composed for themselves??? Lol. They are disgusted & afraid of black people(I’m not black by the way for venting this out), they are somehow afraid or disgusted of hairy men(wtf?? lol!). Unlike most women around the globe, they don’t really care about strong, smart, good looking complex men but prefer way much softer ones where I think they feel they could take advantage of at any time. I’m just a curious person & I want ANSWERS cause I’ve been around & everywhere I see around the world where there’s Chinese communities, their women are all acting the same way, even in foreign countries not of their mainland origin. Do they think they’re like some kind of clean, divine creatures brought down from the heavens walking on earth or something that everybody else to their displease is disgusting, dirty, etc??? I don’t get it!!!

Nov 29

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  • Find another ethnicity to love. Why torture yourself?

  • Sheesh mate, racist much?
    Although I must say as a Chinese diaspora kid, our elders do act somewhat like that sometimes (not as bad as you described but I can see where you're coming from) but the kids are mostly chill.

  • Wow, it's almost as if anyone could be racist, not just whites

  • Asian p**** is the best tasting p**** in the world

  • Their boxes smell awful.

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