Severe hatred for my ex.

I have never felt a hatred for anyone like I do at the moment for my ex husband, I met my ex in grade 10, We dated, Were highschool sweethearts, Married, Had 3 kids and ended up divorced by the age of 43, I won't go into why, It's a long story but...Being together so long we had gone through stages where we tried different things, My ex always had an affinity for photgraphically keeping a record of our exploits, In our younger years lots of different places etc. Lots of sneaky stuff, Purposeful exposures and upskirts, Nip slips, Etc and he loved photgraphing it all.
We had some wild times when younger with some friends and that slowed down durig our child raising years but picked up again once they were older and not so dependent on us being around all the time and got into a bit of light swinging, I was well aware that he had pictures ad videos but I thought I had gotten all the copies and destroyed it all when we split since I was alone in the house for 8 months before he gathered his belongings ad was disappointed to find I had deleted and destroyed all the evidence I had found, Physical and digital.
We announced that my new fiance and I would be getting married and I think he went off the deep end a little and did something terrible to get revenge on me for moving forward with my life, We had an announcement party and after the party was winding down my brother in law came to me and said we needed to talk once everyone was gone, I wasn't sure hat that meant but was reasonably sure it was not great. We said our goodbyes and ushered everyone out the door and it was just my sister, Her husband and me, Thank god my fiance was taking his mom home and wouldn't be back until morning when her care worker was scheduled to show up.
I was nervous but anxious to find out what we needed to discuss and met them in the kitchen, They were having an arguement and I said "Do you need a minute?", She said "Nope, Sorry, I got a bit carried away and don't think I will be any constructive help here", As she stumbled off he glared at her and muttered "This was your idea" and she turned and said "Sorry, I can't, You got this babe". He stood there for a couple seconds obviously very distraught and went to say something a couple times but stopped and I said "Just say it". I did not expect him to say what he did but he looked at me and started blushing which he does not do, I have never seen him blush ever but he said "Ok, I am sure you are aware that maybe once in a while I cruise the internet looking at some...Questionable things", I said "Uuuhhh ok", He said "Well...Three days ago your sister was at work and I was home and I stumbled across somthing tha I am certain you didn't post and I...We felt you should know about it"
I was still not understanding what he meant and thought maybe it was something about one of the kids or my ex, To be 100% honest my first thought was that my daughter 20 y/o had done the OF thing and they found it because she does post a ton of crap on tik tok and some is questionable in my opinion but that's another story, Anyway he looked at me and I said "What?, What did you find", He said "If you give me your phone I would rather just show you", I unlocked and handed him my phone watching what he was doing and he opened the web browser, Typed in a certain adult website and typed in a very unflattering title and a bunch of stff came up, He scrolled down and clicked on it and opened a gallery.
My heart sank, I basically almost broke down right there and he said "I'll give you a minute", He left and I looked at the numbers first, 213 photos and 5 videos, The "Poster" of this gallery had obviously spent some time assembling this as there were photos right from a time where I still question how old I was in some being we were together from the time I was underage and some I am fairly certain were from before I turned 18 but regardless. The sheer volume of stuff was mind boggling and as I scrolled through I just got more and more embarrassed and then angry, My brother in law came back and sat down not saying a word and I looked up at him, Scrolled some more and then looked at him and said "Uhh, I assume you have gone through this?", He nodded, I said "And my sister?", He said "ummm, Some of it", He said "I don't know if there is anything we can do to help but your sister was adamant that you should be aware this is out there and I just...I do't know, This was her idea and she bailed on me".
I was just in disbelief and shrugged saying "I don't even know what to say, I...I'm sorry that this is out there, It was never meant to be", He said "If...I don't...Yeah, If there is anything we can do we are happy to", I shrugged and said "I don't eve know what to say at the moment", He got up and walked away and I went to my room to scroll through and see exactly how bad it was. It was bad, Real bad. Right from the time we were with my highschool best friend which is the questionable time and our very first MFF, And not to mention it shows both of us, Me and her and she will lose her s*** big time, The next 7 years of...Stuff, Then a break other than some pregnant nudes and then a large grouping of our first MMF...1 video and 24 photos, A video of my cousin giving him head while I laugh in the background which she is not going to be happy about, An older video (I was 18 or 19) of the first time I let him use the backdoor which makes him look like a j*** because I cried the whole way through, A video of our one and only DP session with a friend of his who I don't think will be super happy to find out it was posted online and a video of my only time I was the focal point of a group of guys at a swing club we went to which I was surprised allowed him to video tape it but me and 4 guys and him running the camera and they all did a simultaneous finish on me from the chest up so that's embarrassing.
Then I started scrolling through pictures and he left nothing out, Our technically second MFF with a different friend of mine in our 20's, Some (4) random vacation hookups with strangers, 3 times with guys, One time with a girl, Pictures of when I started shaving it bald so the 70 pictures before that I had various stages of...Shrubbery but then at 23 I shaved and he took pics and it has been bald every since, Lots of pictures of various toys we had used over the course of time, Sooo many pictures involving other people which I think are illegal to post without their permission, Me with a male stripper in the backroom, Pictures showing me wearing...A plug, It was all there, Pictures of every inch of my body, I don't think there is one inch not posted there.
So, So many things I would have rather not had anyone know about and some I would have rather forgotten about, So many guys, So many grls, So many toys and so many situations I am not comfortable with leaving the privacy of closed doors.
I have no idea what to do from here, My sister has not mentioned it and when I tried she put the brakes on that conversation, I need her input on what if anything to tell my fiance and how if possible to get it removed and whether or not to strangle my ex with a sock. Ugh, I need her help.

Dec 21

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  • Two weeks before our wedding, my wife's ex boyfriend sent me almost 150 photos and ten videos. When I opened the box I first thought that they were all of my fiancee and her ex. Then I noticed that there were other guys with her. I counted over 20 other guys with their d**** inside my fiancee. I wasn't sure what to do but I was surprised that looking at all of the photos with guys' d**** in her and watching the videos that showed as many as six guys f****** her one right after the other made me h**** and all I could think about was f****** her. I decided to not tell her and went ahead with the marriage. Now that we have been married for over 40 years, I sometimes still look at the photos and videos and they always make me h**** for her.

  • How many hours did it take to make this post?

  • The ex needs a serious beating. I would arrange that if I were you, after he is forced to delete it. Get the whatever state you're in Bureau of Investigation involved to confiscate his computers for posting underaged p***.

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