Best friend EVER!

I am cheating on my husband. I have been having an affair on the side for the past year. As for my home situation I am a mother of two and work part time. I am 39 years old, work part time, and pretty hot if I may say so. I love my husband but the physical part of our relationship stopped several years ago. I can count on my fingers the number of times we have had s** in the past two years.
I needed s** and excitement so I went out and found it. I did the Tinder thing and as a petite, attractive white girl I got a lot of responses, especially from black males. I had never been with a black man before and one specific guy caught my attention. His name is Alex, he is so HOT younger at 27 and hung like a racehorse. We both agreed up front this would be s** and fun only, no attachments. It has worked out great.
A few weeks ago my best friend, Tina, found out about Alex and the affair. I was nervous and embarrassed but I was sure she would keep my secret. Now Tina's husband, not so much. After assurance he knew nothing I felt better. After finding out Tina started grilling me about Alex. She wanted to know everything and even got very graphic wanting the details. Tina wouldn't let it go so one day last week I gave her the surprise of a lifetime. I invited her over to the house on an afternoon I was positive I had the place to myself for several hours. We poured a glass of wine and sat down. I picked up my phone and texted "OK". A minute later Alex walked into the room completely naked. Tina nearly dropped her glass of wine. Like I described Alex is hot. Tall and muscular. Now as for his manhood, WOW! 6-7 inched completely soft, and when he is hard 10 full inches and super thick!
I couldn't help but laugh a little. I looked at Tina and said "you were curious, now you know". I could tell from the way Alex was looking at Tina he was interested. I haven't described her but lets just say Tina is every bit as hot as I am. I have known Tina since we were little kids. In high school and college we had our share of adventures. But this was off the chart. I watched as Alex walked over to Tina and she just melted. I got an amazing show as I sipped my wine and watched as Alex destroyed Tina's little white p****! It reminded me of the first time he took me. I can say Alex definitely believes in breaking in first timers right. When he finished I thought we were going to have to carry Tina out to her car.
I am sure the adventures will continue...

Jan 16, 2022

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  • Have always desired to see my wife with another man. I've watched black men on white women, and now have a desire for her to enjoy the same benefit you have received. I can't bring myself to tell her this, and wish I could get the message to her. I do love her, but can't satisfy her as I have E.D. Would you tell me how to approach this situation ?

  • I did something close to this. My best friend was cheating on her husband. She didn't hide it from me, I knew from the start. I met the guy on a few occasions. One night we met him at a club for drinks and I got a surprise. He brought a friend. At the time I had no intention of cheating on my husband but my friend was kind of setting it up to happen. After some drinks and dancing it happened. The four of us went to a nearby motel and got a room with twin beds. We actually had same room s**. It was so hot!

  • First of all, clearly fake and written by a man.
    Second, I had an affair with a male co-worker a few years ago. Similar situation, my husband and I hadn't had s** in months. I was also 36 at the time. My best friend found out and was supportive. I used her as an excuse to meet up with my co-worker.

  • Clearly you’re a dude! Go back to whatever hole you crawled out of and hang with your fellow losers!

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