I have been with many very beautiful women and married one but I have always had a secret life of ** with men and it has taken over completely now. I finally stopped chasing women and worship real men. I don't feel like a real man anymore. I feel inferior to more masculine men and I have given myself to them. I did it and I couldn't stay away and I have become completely homosexual. Many would say that i always was even though I have had an unusually large number of girlfriends before and during my marriage. Do you think a person could become a homosexual by deciding to perform fllatio on other men? If the women I know found out what I really am I think they would be shocked. Maybe after a bit it wouldn't be as surprising. The last several years, once I really gave into it completely, I stopped with my wife (and all women) completely. We act as if there is nothing strange or wrong but underneath I think she must suspect; it's been years now. I found a married guy who had never done anything with a man before and I give myself to him, everything. I stimulated his manhood and let him know he was the superior man...I could go on but what do you think so far?

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