Becoming a sugar baby

Almost a year ago I started a job as an au pair for a widowed father of 3 small kids, I had just finished highschool and was looking for some easy money and this seemed like a great way to earn some. I won't say I was instantly attracted to him but he definitley caught my attention and the more and more I got to know him on a personal level I really started getting more attracted to him.
I don't know if I would have ever really took the leap I did if it wasn't for my BFF Mags.
We were out at a club on one of my nights off and low and behold who walks in, I noticed hm right away and at first I was like (Crap my boss is here) but then I figured whatever, I was on my night off. He walked up to the bar and grabbed a drink and walked across the bar then noticed me, He came over and said hi, I sad hi back and we talked for a minute and then I said "Hey...If I am here...And you are here who is looking after my babies?". He chuckled and said "Don't worry, your babies are fine, they are all at grandma's", We laughed a bit and then he said "Well I better get to my table" and walked away, I casually glanced over to the table and there were a couple of his buddies some of whom I had met previously.
Mags had been dancing and came up to the table and said "Oh man, If you have ever wanted to live out a single dad fantasy that's the one...What was he saying to you", I laughed and said "MAGS!!!! that's my boss", She said "For real?, He looks different than the picture you showed me...Just sayin, I'd jump him", Mags kept talking about him throughout the night and it kept bringing my attention back to him. End of the night we go outside to wait for a cab and him and 1 of his buddies is out there, He offered to share a cab with us since I don't live too far from him and we dropped his buddy off first, I was sitting in the back with Mags and he was in the front, He asked where we wanted to get dropped off and I said "Oh just go to your house, Me and Mags are gonna walk from there", We got out of the cab and he paid then as the cab drove away Mags says "Aren't you going to invite us in for a drink?".
He thought for a second and then shrugged and said "sure".
We went inside and he grabbed us each a drink then went to the washroom and Mags looked at me and said "Seriously...If you're not going to I am", I said "Mags....No, He's my boss" and when she heard the bathroom door open she leaned in and kissed me right on the lips, Yeah, Whatever, We have kissed lots before but he walked right in on us kissing and he was behind me, Mags opened her eyes and looked at him, Pulled back and said "oopsie".
Bing, bang, Boom, the three of us are in bed and Mags and I are about to embark on our first three way, We get his underwear off and both of us were like "WHOA". We just went for it and next thing I knew I was on my hands ad knees going down on Mags as he worked the biggest d*** I had experinced into me from behind, Oh my god, It was so huge, So hard and I don't even kow if he went soft at any point throughout the night.
I woke up laying between him and Mags and my first thought was "I am not gonna walk right today", Apparently Mags didn't have that problem because she opened her eyes, Looked at me and nervously bit her bottom lip then kissed me, I was like "Really...8:30 in the morning and you kiss me", But...just as I was about to pull away he wrapped his arms around me and kissed my neck, I jumped a little and we all giggled, I was about to say something, I don't know what but something to work toward exiting the situation when I felt him slide his hand between my legs, Like 12 seconds later Mags is laying on her side in front of me in a sixty nine positio, He grabs her butt and pulls her toward me, She is licking me and suckig him and he pushes my head between her legs as she spreads them and it's on again.
He went back and forth between me and Mags and then mags was sitting against the headboard, My head on her lap, Him on top of me and I had this weird lingering O where it started but it didn't really peak right away like normal, It built, Dropped, Built, Dropped and when he pulled out my whole body convulsed and I left a huge wet spot, He straddled my stomach and Mags grabbed his d*** stroking it about 3 times and he shot his load on her chest, My face and hair and my chest and he shot like...3 loads like that then leaned over me and kissed Mags while she stroked his d*** and shoved it in my mouth, I'm like "Uhhh Excuse me, I am still here, I have come all over my face and a d*** in my mouth...I'd like to stop now", I put my hands on his hips and he leaned back a little, looked down at me and came once more, It was a small load but definitley still a load that I had no choice but to swallow.
After catching our breath we got dressed and I was trying to pull Mags to the door, and she kept just dragging her feet and talking non stop, We finally got to the door and he stopped me, Stepped right up in front of me and kissed me, He said "Ummm...", He looked at Mags and then back and me and said "Sooo...Do we need to talk...Ya know...About...", I shook my head no and he said "are you still coming back tommorrow?", I said "Oh...yeah of course" and he nodded his head. Me and Mags left and did our walk of shame the block and a half to my house, Thank god my parents were away, Mags kept tryig to talk about it and I just said "Mags...Stop...I need to process some of this", We went to my room and got undressed, I went and got in the shower and she came in, Sat on the toilet and talked to me the whole time I showered ad then she jumped in when I got out.
I went to my room and put on shorts and a tank top, Crawled into bed and when Mags came in she dropped her towel and crawled in behind me, Wrapped her arms around me and we fell asleep, We woke up, Had a long talk about the whole thing and she admitted that she loved every second of it...ALL OF IT...I was like "I don't even know yet, Jesus, I just hooked up with my best friend and my boss", She kept trying to touch me and kiss me and I was like "Mags, For real, I need some time", She said "Ok" and went home and the next day I went to work, He got home late in the afternoon and all the kids were out back, He said "I am not sure how to greet you now", I stood on my tippie toes and kissed him and said "Welcome home sir", He gulped and smiled then went to shower while I prepared supper.
It has been 13 weeks now since we spent that first night together and we have been together 15 times since, We made an...Agreement...And it is mutually beneficial. I continue my "Aupair" duties, Fully guaranteed once a week we will make time to....Ya know, I also agreed not to be with anyone else except him AAAAAAND.....It's not a part of our verbal contract but it is sort of expected that from time to time I invite Mags over...She has joined us 8 of the 15 times so far.
Now for my benefits, I now drive a 2021 Audi and Mags opted for a Camaro, Don't ask why but she did, My salary doubled and Mags gets bascially the equivelant of my old salary and fills in for me when I take days off so now he has two aupairs and gets to have s** with both of them for what to him is not a huge cost, I have no idea if they hook up when i am not there and really don't care but i think I will try to drag this out as long as possible.

Mar 1

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  • This is amazing. If you start getting real love feelings you’ll have to choose between him and your friend because one of them will have to go before jealously breaks all three of you up. I hope you and the guy stay together, by the sound of it, although as you get older the thought of having your own child will get stronger and he will be reluctant as he has his own already and is much older. Good luck !


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