Showing our kitties at school and the mall

This happened one day in my high school. We have a two story building and we move from class to class between classes, and that means going up and down the stairs. I have a friend, we decided to shave our intimate area and not wear underwear and wear a dress that flowed. The reason we did this was so that when we went up and down the stairs the boys could see our intimate parts. At the top of the stairs there is a balcony, and we stood at the balcony so that the boys on the first floor, if they looked up, could see our naked kitty.

We were caught by the third period and sent home to dress appropriately. What fun is that? My friend and I went to the mall over the weekend and sat in chairs in the food court and let men and boys see up our dress at our naked kitties. We had fun and hope they had fun. What we don't understand is why some girls sat and looked too. If they want to look that's fine, but don't they have the same thing that they can look at with a mirror at home?

Mar 3

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  • Wow! I remember doing similar things when I was in HS in the 80’s.

    As for women watching, I know I would have. I enjoy watching young people explore and exhibit their sexuality.

  • My wife is like that,wears a short dress or skirt but does have tight panties or a thong. She is chubby but not fat and large b******. When she sits or bends over all is shown. We had a college guy helping with landscaping in our back yard,cute guy who always wore tight shorts. When he came to work she always wore something skimpy

  • I bet she let the young man have a sample. I know I would have.

  • That commenter is a creep, and that seems to going overboard

  • I would have laid down on the stairs all day ! Nothing like a nice kitty !

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