I’m Pregnant

I’m in my late 40’s and pregnant!!

For my 25th anniversary my husband fulfilled my fantasy of having s** with 4 well hung young men.

It was amazing to have every hole filled with a huge hard black c***. All of these men were young enough to be our sons. I loved every second of it. My husband had me take the day after pill. But i enjoyed it so much that I’ve had the boys come over for s** almost daily for the last several months. Ive had them come and visit individually and in groups.

I just can’t get enough after being with my husband for more than 26 years it was amazing to be worshiped and pounded by these young men.

Well now I am pregnant. My husband and I have been practicing the rhythm method of birth control for years (timing my period) so there is a chance it could be his. However, he has been watching the calendar for years.

I knew I should have made them wear condoms, but there is nothing better than the feeling of all that c** inside of me.

I don’t believe in abortion but what do when the baby comes out a different color?

Mar 6, 2022

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  • Another interracial fantasy post.

  • Your husband has been turned into a cuckold by your insatiable l*** for young black men. I do not say that to condemn you, and you have a large and growing number of “sisters”
    I suggest you use your feminine wiles to make your husband comfortable in his new role. In addition to agreeing to all the s** he needs as well as feeding your huge appetite for black c***, you will need to teach him become submissive to your needs as a mother to be. He will need plenty of training. You should carry the pregnancy to full term, bear the baby, then turn the care of your potentially interracial baby over to hubby/cuckold. I suspect he will do anything you say. That will free you to go back to your fan club. Of course, none of them will have any interest in that baby - they just need your sexual servicing on demand. If your household suffers due to hubby/cuckold doing the “working mom” thing, you can add clientele which will pay for your sexual services. Keep us well advised

  • Why don't You do it then since you so desperately want to be a cuck? Or are you just another black c*** fetishist? Why don't you admit your homosexuality and go out and get that d*** for yourself?

  • Wow! Very interesting point of view.

    Do you really think my husband will embrace “fathering” the baby?

    He has been talking about retirement. Having a baby will prolong his need to work

  • Bless you for considering my suggestions - you are a special lady.
    I detect a strong interest on your husband’s part in keeping an obviously attractive wife in his life. He must also be special if you still return to him after torrid and plentiful s** with other men.
    I think you can mold him into exactly the man he needs to be in order to fulfill this new role. Retired men have to stay active, and this will fill that bill, giving him renewed purpose. Play to his ego and cater to the wishes of all men - good feeding and whatever s** he needs. With prayer and teamwork, doors will open to provide the financial resources needed. One suggestion is daycare for other preschool children with “busy” parents.
    I will keep you all in my prayers.

  • Thank you. I love my husband. But I can’t get an abortion as the baby did nothing wrong. It was me and my insatiable l***.

    Just the thought of those rock hard c**** make me WET.

    There is no woman on earth that could resist the amazing feeling of all that length and girth stretching your v***** to the point it feels it’s going to tear.

    I’ve given natural childbirth to 4 kids and these boys are still sooo fulfilling.

    I actually had s** with them again this week.

  • Loved your update - I see all the elements falling into place for you. I remain in prayer for when you inform hubby about the pregnancy and his future role. Stay strong and live long

  • Thank you soo much for the advice and prayers

  • Awesome, love to hear more


  • Yeah sure - from Wakanda

  • It’s not funny!

    I love my husband. We have been married 25 wonderful years.

    I’m too old to be a mom again. Not to mention it’s not healthy for the baby as well.

    I’m serious this is not a joke. I’m scared

  • Are you sure the baby is not your husband’s?

    Does your husband know you are pregnant?

  • I’m pretty sure it’s not my hubsband’s. Like I said in the original confession we practice the rhythm method and I am very regular so it works.

    Should have made the boys wear condoms. But it feels so much better natural. And I did not pay attention to the calendar. My husband was the one that watched the dates.

    I guess i should take a trip with a couple of friends out of town and tell him I got taken advantage of.

    It will be a great opportunity to get out of the house and spend some more time with my boys :)

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  • Next week is Spring Break. I told my husband that some of the girls and I are going to a couple of concerts next week during Austin’s SxSW music festival.

    I booked a hotel for a couple of nights two or the 4 strapping young men friends (the two I was spending time with after the incredible night of s**) are going to meet me there.

    I told one of my girlfriends and she is coming along as a “witness”. So that I will have someone to say they saw me get taken away.

    I hope it works. But if not, I have a 3 days and 2 nights with a couple of incredibly hung men.

    I’ll let you know how it goes.

  • Ok. My friend and I went to Austin for SxSW to work out my alibi.

    Sue was surprised when all four of the boys showed up.

    Sue went down stairs to get some pizzas and beer. When she returned I had a BBC in every hole. Little did she know that there was a forth young man filming and when she walked in the room the guy filming pushed her onto the bed and she promptly began to suck him off.

    Long story short. We had an incredible couple of nights. Sue and I even had our first,second, third and fourth lesbian experiences.

    Who knows. There may be two interracial babies in our future. Either way we know have an alibi and our friendship is even closer!

  • You are unbelievably hot and birds of a feather obviously f*** together. I love the vibrant positive way you are living your life. I am praying for hubby to step up and provide all the support you need to keep chasing your passions. Sounds like your girlfriend will be the first customer for “Daddy Daycare” and I suspect there are others joining your queen bee hive. Very hungry for frequent and detailed updates.

  • My husband is going off on a business trip Saturday through Wednesday and the kids plan to spend the weekend with friends.

    So it sounds like mommy is going to have some play time. It’s been a week since I had the pleasure of being stretched out down there.

    I CAN’T WAIT!!

  • Wow! Loved every minute of it.

    I wish that I knew how much a wife could have while her hubby was out of town on business years ago.

    So many years wasted.

    But no time wasted while he was gone last week.

  • Everything happens in a season for a reason.
    I expect you to make the most of each upcoming opportunity, including lots more travel without hubby. Stay well until your next adventure, Queen Bee!

  • What are your plans from now on? How far are you into pregnancy? I'm really curious over this post

  • According to todays doctors visit I’m at 10 weeks. My husband commented last night that by b**** were more plump. We had s** to celebrate his promotion and he commented that my b****** seemed even sexier that usual. They are more plump. I stopped riding his c*** and said “are you calling me fat, Jim?”

    He said no honey. You are perfect. You are perfect in every way. I blew him a kiss, smiled then closed my eyes while I rode him hard thinking about how full my boys make me feel.

    I just don’t know how I can tell Jim I’m pregnant and it’s not his. And that I’m having an affair with the four men he provided to fulfill my fantasy.

    Crazy thing is. I know the baby is not Jim’s. But I do not know which of the fabulously endowed young men is the father.

    All I know is this baby’s momma is going to old enough to be his/her father’s mother as well.

    Crazy thing is I get WET thinking about that :)

  • Take a break from all that s** and give us an update. Hottest Confessionpost so far

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