Shame, shame, shame

I went on a trip to Mexico with some friends, deep sea fishing. While we were there we enjoyed some of the local girls. I got the clap. Instead of telling my wife, I accused her of giving it to me. She went off the deep end, how did I know? Know what? Well it turned out that she was having an affair with a coworker, they both work Real Estate. She confessed everything, begging forgiveness, down on her knees and all.

I was obviously p*****, men do not like to hear that some other guy is working his wife over. I told her to get her problem fixed. I meant to make sure she didn't have the clap. She thought I meant the affair. She got rid of him. She had the clap, so she and I were both in treatment together, except she was the one living the life of shame, making up, cooking every night, several weeks went by asking for forgiveness.

She sure has shaped up, a lot nicer, she is willing to have a baby now, she is a number one wife. She offered to stay home and be a housewife.

Mar 13

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  • Wow, you are super lucky. If she hadn't cheated you'd be in the s***. Damn well played.

  • Were ya fuccin underage? Man, those beetches must have been some nasty smelly prossies. Can't f*** with some cartel n****'s clean s*****, ya catch? Good God man, you must be some weird dork no girl of your kind wants to even look at. Yeech!

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