Gained the freshman 50

As kids I used to tease my sister for being a bit "chubby". It really bugged her. I used to go around the house shirtless and proud. She was 3 years older than me and went off to college and transformed herself to be a fitness instructor. When I was my turn to got to college, she patted my belly and said "watch out for the freshman 15, little bro." I scoffed at her remark, somewhat arrogantly.
Much to my chagrin (and undeniable delight), I did start to put on weight and by Thanksgiving I had put on the Freshman 15. During Thanksgving break I went home and was sucking in my little gut, but man I was ravenous and turned on by my soft gut that was straining my pants. AS my sister dropped me off at the airport she said "hey, you can relax your gut now, little bro." I was embarrassed. I don;t know what happened to me, I found it 321such a turn on. After Christmas break, I decided that I actually liked sporting a belly and started eating like sumo wrestler. My dorm roommate noticed I was eating like there was no tomorrow and made lots of comments about my expanding gut. So spring break comes along and off I go to Fort Lauderdale and it was a weeklong eating the drinking party. I was determined to come back to college at least 10 pounds heavier, and that I did! So then my freshman year comes to an end and its time to go home: I was now 50 lbs heavier with almost all of it in my belly. From 180 to 230 on a 5'9" frame. I was very excited and embarrassed to do show and tell at home. My sister picked me up at the airport. It was a hot day and my sweat clung to my shirt. I decided not to pretend and you could see her eyes grow wide as she spotted me come through the gate. As we drove home I confessed that I was mean to her as a kid teasing her for being chubby. At home I tried to remain shirtless as much as I could. I loved the comments from mom and dad about my weight gain. A girl I used to date was gobsmacked when she saw my beer gut. That is how it started. Today I am a good 295 lbs. I am by far the fattest in the family. Last Christmas I played Santa Claus for my sister's two kids. The older one was suspicious and said, "Santa your belly is big like Uncle John's." Tee Hee, little does he know that this Santa is going to have a lot bigger belly next Christmas! Oh, and sis doesn't call me "little bro" anymore. :)

Mar 20

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  • What comments did you get when your were gaining weight?

  • Congratulations!

  • Happy to know I'm not the only one

  • Almost same thing happened to me. I'm probably 20lb more than you now though. Are you seeing anyone? Getting married really did me in and then the divorce left me skinner though :(

  • Amazing story fatty. Hears to more

  • What's next year's goal?

  • I starve my wife and daughters. We weigh every day. We count calories.

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