I honestly wish I was a werewolf.

Background first. When I was a kid growing up in the eighties, there was a TV show I would watch religiously called "Werewolf". For those of you who want to know what it's about, go to imdb or wikipedia. Anyway, it was that show that sparked my interest in the supernatural and for things that could never be explained. It also sparked my deep interest, fascination and deep love for werewolves. Ever since then, I admit that nothing would make me happier then being a werewolf. As a human, I find myself stuck in a deadend life with a deadend job. Not only that but, I'm stuck in a world that has so many rules, laws and oppression. That is why I would honestly want to be a werewolf. To me, werewolves have complete freedom because they don't live in the human world but in a world of their own. They can go anywhere and do anything without being told what to do. If I ever met a werewolf, I would immediately ask it to make me one so I can finally be free from this miserable life I have and finally live the life I've always wanted.

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  • If I was a werewolf, I'd mount my gf and her sisters every day

  • Another reason I'd want to be a werewolf. So many human girls to choose from.

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