I titled this "Choices".

Back in college I signed up for student aid, loans. Lots of loans. Loans to help pay the rent, two semesters abroad, even a car. Easy money, comes and goes. I graduated with an advanced degree in comparative religions. I owed a mortgage, and nothing much to show for it. I got a job as a proof reader for my college professor.

Along comes Mary. No loans, zero. Finished her Master's in business. Part time job at the student center. To say I liked her is an understatement, she liked this guy I was turned off to. She was a 'friend', but 4hat's where it ended.

What really matters is 15 years later. I can't buy a home, even on two paychecks. She's well to do, nice home with a pool, two kids. Married a husband, oh well, she could have had me, I am a good wife. No decision has affected me, and my partner, more than borrowing so much money. And getting degrees with no marketable value.

I see her several times a day, I'm still in love with her. She's receptive to a 'very close' friendship, but not in the bedroom. Oh well. She has me and my partner on a strict budget. We can pay off our loans in ten years. We live in a small house she and her husband bought for us to live in. I work for her and her husband, my partner is an artist and she's the nanny of her children. When we pay off our loans she will sign the house over to me.

May 3

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