I'm old enough now to understand why I was born a woman

I've reached that stage in my life when I realize that most philosophy is bull s*** and most philosphers are immature idiots. Without life experience, you cannot have a philosophy. I was born into a good family, good is the euphemism for not rich, hard working, values, where men are men and women are women and men are expected to do the things men do and women are expected to do the things women do. A good thing. That's a living philosophy. It works, so don't knock it.

Men are born different, tough to admit, but it's true. Women are born different, touch to accept, but it's true. A hole between your legs makes it so. That hole. Call it what you want, it's a hole that men use and women get used by. Nature set the rules, not mankind. It's true in every higher species, Polar Bears and Whales, rats and mice, lions and tigers, and cute little Thompson Gazelles too. I've witnessed it with Elephants, so large, so powerful, but when the male wants to mount, the male mounts, the female gets pregnant and that's the way it is.

You see, I realized one day, it was a sunny day and I was working in the garden, when it hit me. Why else are we here? To procreate, that's why. The only reason why. No other reason. It's it. Every plant does, every mosquito does, even the fishies in the pond do. So when the man mounts you, loads you up, breaks your hymen, pushes out your belly, keeps you in your place so other men don't touch you, it's nature calling. Spread your legs, accept it. That's what that hole is for. In comes the sperm, out pops the baby. It's that simple.

From the time you're 13 to the time your 43 you can take the sperm and make a baby. Don't let life pass you by and forget to make babies. If you do you are a waste of resources, a penalty on all mankind. Your hole is there to remind you. Enjoy it, but even if you don't, use it. For the purpose it was put there for. If you don't, YOU ARE NOT A WOMAN.

That's my new found philosophy. Simple. Just like the good family philosophy, simple. It works.

10 days

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