Like a teenager...

I'm a 32 years old guy. I went back to college last summer, because I wanted to finish my physics degree. One of our teacher is a really good looking 45 years old woman. She's HOT, even guys 14 years younger than I am say so.
So, one day a group of guys (and a few gals too) went out to a bar, to celebrate the end of the term, and I joined in. When we got to the place, that hot teacher was there, too, looking really good and with a hot damn cleavage that just threw me off. I stared, I just could NOT take my eyes off her chest. Then she comes in my direction without saying a word, everyone around was already laughing, and I didn't even realize what was going on. Without saying a single word she just reached me, put her hand on my chin and closed my mouth, then pulled my head up a bit, stared into my eyes and walked away. Only then I did register what was going on and all my classmates were laughing at me. I was so embarassed I wanted to go invisible right away. Oh well...

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