Being around my disabled brother constantly angers me.

I have two disabled brothers. The oldest is schizophrenic. He weighs close to 400 lbs. He eats way too much. He clacks his teeth when he eats. He makes a mess on the table,counter top,and stove when fixing his food and doesn't clean it up unless you ask him to do so but even though you ask him to do it,he gets mad at you for you asking. When he goes out to eat with family where there is a buffet, he piles his plate way too full despite what my mom tells him. He was at a church dinner one time and he piled his plate so much that his Styrofoam plate broke and food went all over the floor. He often times embarrasses me. I also put together not one but two shower chairs and despite telling him not to sit in them, he just did it anyway and had an oh well attitude. He is 40 and I'm 35. We live together because I myself am disabled too but been denied disability. I am waiting to get the tendonitis in my foot healed before I can try and get out from under the same roof. My other brother is 33 and has schizophrenia and he's mentally retarded. He can ask mom,are you watching this tv? She'll say no. And then he'll ask again and again and again till I yell she said Nooo!! Shut up!!! He will at night tell our mom,good night mom,I love you. She'll tell him the same and i be damned if he doesn't go on almost all night long repeating good night mom,I love you. I will yell go on to bed! And I be damned another 7 to 10 times ( literally) with his repeating bull s***. I can be standing somewhere and he'll say excuse me! I will move somewhere else and he will follow me and again say excuse me! So one time I tested it out to see if he really needed to get through somewhere or not by standing in the corner of a room and it should not had been any surprise that he was rifht behind me saying excuse me! You can't get onto him over anything or he'll bawl like a baby non stop. I also have a 64 year old cronic complaining mom that b****** over stuff she doesn't need to b**** about. Like for example I had tossed a banana peeling in the trash and she bitched when the peeling just hung on the side of the trash can instead of just flipping the peeling into the trash with her finger. She isn't a happy person. She never was. I had made potato salad and put together ( spending an hour and a half) a charcoal grill and although it had nothing to do with me, she was complaining that she couldn't get the charcoal briquettes lit. It really made me cry. I felt unappreciated and no hope at getting her to shut the f*** up. I have bipolar disorder and this is just way too much for me to take. I have put up with this s*** for years and it's made me so angry and leaving me with thoughts of knocking the s*** out of them even though I never will do anything to hurt them. I also have a 13 year old daughter that won't help around the house unless I ask her and she doesn't do much but sit on her ass like everyone else in the family on her phone all day and I can't do a thing about it because I am not the person paying for her phone. She also stays up past midnight talking to a bunch of people whether she knows the kids or not on face time.

Jul 5

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  • I only have one disabled brother, but that's plenty for me. He's almost exactly like your 400 pound brother, mine even weighs that much. I can't stand listening to him eat, and no matter what he eats or drinks he manages to choke on something a few dozen times a day. I won't go to a buffet with him, it's embarrassing enough to see how much he eats just in our private home. He won't bathe until I tell him he's starting to stink, and even then most of his body has a visible thin film of crust on it because he only ever washes the "important" bits. One minute he's half deaf, the next he hears things that might not even exist. I could go on but you get the idea.

  • My brother takes showers but still stinks. But not sure how to deal with them.

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