10 yrs ago with husband's best friend

Allan’s attractively fit bachelor, sexy eyes, ’major player’ with commitment issues, 6” 6’ and wonderful personality. He was on my husband’s lacrosse team at college. He’s a player, never seen him with the same girl twice but always treated me with respect. After college, my husband and I got married. Allan went to law school, has a successful career and we hang out often.
I met my husband in high school. I was a dorky nerd that got picked on a lot because of my bony legs, knees, freckles & glasses. Thanks to my mom’s family, I’m 4”10’ and have natural curly red hair. Unless I spend and hour styling, it frizzes out! I was so short & skinny, my cloths came from Walmart children’s department. Teen girls can be so mean. HS was a bad time for me. I still wish my parents could have afforded to private school or homeschool. I don’t know what my husband seen in me but he asked me out and we’ve been together ever since.
In summer, Allan takes us out on the lake. At the time, our son was 6 yrs. We made an agreement to take turns being the ‘designated parent’ no alcohol and maintain eye contact at all times with our son!
We arrived at the marina and Allan’s ‘date’ canceled last minute. We headed out and anchored in a cove. Allan and I were on the fly bridge in the shade. I was wearing a loose cover up over my bikini because I sunburn easily. Allan opened a $200 bottle of aged wine from France he purchased for his ‘date’ but decided to share with me instead. It was my husband’s turn to stay sober. I instantly felt a buzz. Allan was drinking bourbon. My son and husband fished from the aft deck until sunset and bedtime. The doors are child proof but we don’t take chances of him waking up on a boat at night and wondering around. The ‘designated parent’ must stay with our son.
I sat with Allen on the fly bridge and had more wine. The next morning, I heard my husband’s voice, looked up and he was standing over me. I looked over and Allen was asleep next to me and we were both naked. I put my bikini back on as our son was coming up wearing his life jacket. I hugged and kissed my son as I ran below to freshen up and changed cloths.
I could tell by my husbands body language he was p***** but neither of us wanted to put on a show in front of our son. After breakfast, our son was fishing, we sat close but whispered so he couldn’t hear. Allan apologized and so did I. My husband broke the ice and asked if we actually had s** or just made out. Allan stayed quiet. I spoke first. I told him I didn’t remember anything but when I stood up and sat on the toilet, I could tell we had s**. I offered a theory. I thought Allan was my husband and ‘it happened’. Allan kept apologizing. I reminded my husband I’d taken my birth control but I’d be willing to take some OTC tests. Allan assured us he was ‘clean’ and there’s no worries of a STD. We pushed my husband to speak his thoughts. He said, “OK. ’it happened’ and we can’t turn back. At least ‘it happened’ with Allan instead of someone random guy.” I was shocked he took it that well. I gave him a ‘free pass’ and we each agreed to never speak of this moment again. Nothing's changed and after ten years, everyone still acts like nothing happened. I don’t want to know or care if my husband has used his ‘free pass.’ I hope he has.

What really happened:
My son and husband went to bed, Allan and I started flirting. We always do when my husband isn’t around. He can make me blush and loves my small feet. He began massaging them. I was rubbing his crotch with one foot. He asked me to take off my cover up so he could admire my ‘sexy bikini body’ since the sun is gone. I did and he squeezed my butt. He secretly squeezes my butt often and knows I don’t mind. I love the attention & his hands are huge. Again, I was the skinny dorky girl in school.
He playfully poked fun of my ‘mom bikini’ then left to get more wine. I was buzzed but still in my right mind, aroused and feeling naughty. I took off the bikini and stood naked when he returned. He was shocked and kept adjusting himself. He was hard and poking out the top of his shorts. I gave them a tug and it popped out. I gave him oral. He asked me to stop because he was about pop. I straddled him. He asked if ‘I was sure’. I whispered ‘yes’. He offered a condom but it was too late, I’d already lowered down. This was the first time anyone other than my husband had been inside me and a rush of pleasure flowed through my body. He didn’t last long. We laughed as finished inside me. The warm rush almost sent me over! He’d been drinking a lot so I asked if he could go again. (I love my husband but he’s a ‘one and done’). He gave my butt a smack, picked me up, bent me over and rammed himself inside. I was still full of s**** so he slid in easily. OMG! It went deep! He took control with a hard & fast rhythm which made it difficult for me to remain quiet. He found my spot so I gave him control! He kept the pace for a long time and sent me over twice! My body was limp until he finally finished. My husband’s vanilla in the bedroom, never lasted that long or made my body shiver like that.
I started to go to bed below but he’d converted the couch, got blankets and asked me to sleep with him. The sky was clear so I got my BlackBerry and set the alarm to get get up before my husband and son. We started kissing, amazing slow s** then fell asleep. I’d accidentally set the alarm for PM instead of AM and my husband found us.
I apologize for the length and detail of this confession but I remember this experience like it was yesterday. I feel bad for cheating. I love my husband. He’s my best friend, great husband and father. He was also my first and only until Allan. I must confess, s*x with Allan was the best.

Aug 22, 2020

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  • This is a hot story. Don't apologize for the length. It made me hard. I have a side chick I play around with sometimes. She's actually my cousin and no one expects anything of us.

  • Wow! Your story made me WET.

    How big is Allen’s c***?

    Do you have a red bush. Red bush is sooo sexy. Our neighbor (my BF) has a red bush. I love eating her out and watching my hubby f*** her hard. Then I lick it clean

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