I hate my husband’s family!!

I f hate my husband’s family so much!
First of all we got married without me meeting them bc he always hid them from me I just didn’t know why…. When I finally met them they really looked like a piece of work. The sister was ghetto and total trash in fact she was offensive to me several times. The mom, a total dramatic useless and stupid woman who has severe trauma and fights with her daughter all the time. Also bothers my husband for the drama she has going on with her alcoholic husband who is my husbands stepfather who also has issues with the sister. He ddidnt work at the time so my husbands mom worked to pay the bills and they lived closed to poverty levels. This guy was basically a loser and coming in and out of their home all the time and she put with him only bc he got her pregnant at age 45 so they had a child in common. Wtf
For the first 16 years of our marriage they lived in another state so the drama was kept away from us but now my husband moved them to our city! And I have to hear every other day about his moms needs and bullshit. Like h*** NO.
Oh and he started inviting them to our vacations without asking me!!! I stopped that s*** right away. These people are like a pest and I’ll do whatever it takes to keep them away from my family.

Jul 7

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  • How do you feel about your husband himself?

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