My girlfriend told me not to let anyone drive my car

I filmed videos for my online video clip store with my 2010 Chevy Corvette convertible ZHZ. The video clips are under a category considered fetish the sub category is called pedal pumping. The people that buy my videos are excited by women driving. The main focus of the video is the woman operating the pedals. It is not necessarily a ** it is more of a damsel in distress or female ** power and control. The Corvette is a true roadster when the top is down. This model has no roll bar just a simple hump behind the driver and passenger seat. The power was governed by some kind of traction control electronics that manage the amount of power applied to the rear wheels. It had an automatic transmission with manual shift mode that was operated by paddles on the steering wheel. It had incredible acceleration in my opinion. I was filming some video with a friend of mine the second week after I got it. We were just filming some video of her driving it with the top down around down town Tampa and the water front. Just outside of downtown is a Interstate junction where 275 south can go right towards Tampa bay or it can go left and it turns into I-4. It is a well known junction known as Malfunction Junction in Tampa Florida. Under this junction was a road called North Central Ave. For a time there was a lot of redevelopment being done. So on this day most of the surrounding buildings were already torn down but no new construction had started. So for the most part the road appeared to be closed. No traffic used it because there was nothing to go to and from except a Skate part that was being upgraded but was still open. The only pedestrians were a couple skate boarders every now and then zero traffic. When North central Ave goes under Malfunction Junction it turns into two divided two lane roads for a total of four lanes then it turns back into an undivided road with two lane road running north and south. There is no understandable reason why it turns into two divided two lane roads under the bridge unless it was like that before the Interstate was built. I could never figure out why it was like that but it was cool because there was no traffic and with all the raised highway road above, it was like a mini tunnel. I enjoyed filming video shots from outside the vehicle. Shots of the car driving by under hard acceleration offered a nice audio effect. My friend Amber was in the drivers seat and I was filming her accelerating the car. I got real comfortable filming there because there was no cars what so ever driving by zero traffic. We could do anything we wanted. I asked her if she could do a burn out. Something that should be very easy just hold the brake down as the accelerator is being pressed and the rear wheels would typically begin to spin. This would be the first burn out done in the Corvette. Amber tried several times but the wheels refused to turn. A few moments went by as we tried to figure this out. I thought about the traction control. It had a button to turn it off. When she turned it off it was able to perform a burn out. It was not all that great though as the transmission would automatically shift up a gear in the middle of the burn out and slow the wheel spin down. She had to put it in manual shift but even in manual shift it would override and shift or reduce the power thus force the wheel spin to stop. We were disappointed with the Corvette after this because it was what some would call Lame. I contacted the dealer about this issue and the sales representative put me in contact with the service manager. He said that a fuse existed that could be pulled in order to totally deactivate all traction control functions. He said that GM would more than likely be doing a mandatory buy back on all Convertible ZHZ models. They had determined that the convertibles had a structural design flaw. The body of the car was not strong enough for the power. Since it did not have a solid roof that would have extra supports or a roll bar to keep the body of the car rigid it would have unrepairable damage to the chassis from body flex. He said the reason the traction control does not completely turn off was General motors only way to meet certain requirements that basically tuned down the car's power. They found out even with the tuned down power problems with the chassis flexing made it to fatigue will eventually result in failure. If the traction control is completely turned off aggressive driving will quicken the chassis failure. I told him I love this car if they issue a mandatory buy back is there any way I can opt out of it. The answer was no it would not be legal to drive the vehicle on the road after a certain time. I asked him if I turned off the traction control by removing the fuse would there be any other components deactivated that would affect the drivability. He said the car would drive just like the hardtop or non convertible those two models completely turn off the traction control when the button is pressed to deactivate it. He said the convertible was the only model with the problems. He said General Motors did not put the roll bar that is usually behind driver and passenger that would reduce any body flex because a demand for a true roadster with no roll bar because buyers wanted the clean look like it offers. I told him that was what I liked about it. He said well if you pull the fuse and completely deactivate the trac control I may have a couple weeks to play with it. He said enjoy it because while we were on the phone he just noticed a email that went out to all service managers. To stop all warranty repair work on the Convertibles and hold the vehicles until the buy back goes into affect within the next 30 days. They would compensate owners rental car cost. So anyone that happens to bring there ZHZ convertible in for service would never be able to drive it again. They would tell them a safety issue with the chassis has come up and the vehicle is not safe to drive. We are waiting on GM's remedy. They are not even gonna tell them its a buy back until it goes hard. They would think they are going to fix it and they will get the car back.
I thanked him for the information. I joked and said I was going to hurry up and ship mine overseas just kidding. He laughed and said its gonna be hard you are one of the guys that loves your ZHZ convertible and its going to be like a bad break up with a girlfriend or wife. If I start to feel like the vehicle suspension is loose shut it down and call him. He would send a tow truck and hook me up with a rental car through there authorized agent and they have several Dodge Challenger HEMI's in there line up. It would be AVIS car rental. I told him I am going to need some kind of counselling like married couple have when they get divorced to get over this one. He just laughed. I told Amber about this and she said to be honest I preferred driving your Acura over the Corvette. I was like what are you talking about? She said yes seriously because it has the six speed manual and honestly in her opinion was much more fun to drive than the Corvette. So I called my friend Upgrade she came over and we decided that we love the Corvette but we also HATE it. So the idea was to drive it like we stole it for a few days and see if we could break it and not break our necks or cause any kind of damage to anyone else. It was that following Sunday after about 300 in fuel fill ups and about our tenth high speed powerbrake 180 sometimes 360. Gun it brake it cut the steering wheel hard that we felt a frame roll. So we took it easy and took one final ride to eat dinner at Crabby bills the Monday night she did a burnout across the parking lot that night and we tried to run it out of gas and we camped out at the Courtney causeway. She did almost thousand dollars in live webcam shows from the Westin Hotel WIFI hotspot. I had already called the service manager and he had us drop it off at the Avis Airport location where we picked up a brand new Dodge Challenger HEMI had like 40 miles on it. I got video of zero to 160 the sound of the Challenger and the power of the Hemi was unbeatable. It was the orange dukes of hazard looking model and it was hands down the bad ** of cars! We had almost as much fun with the Challenger the Corvette was still my number one love well that Convertible model was so ** ** I mean nothing else comes close to it. My final confession with it , Both my friend and I had some kind of ** sexual affair that final night with the car. I will never ever tell anyone about it but it was ** better than anything else I would ever have again.

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