He'll remember that forever.

I went home to visit my family over this past weekend, I am 23 and my younger brother is 18, I went to the kitchen around 2:00 am and was in the fridge looking for a drink when i heard footsteps behind me, I turned around and my brothers friend was standing at the counter.
I looked at him and smiled then said "Hi", He said "Hi" back and I poured a glass of juice then asked if he wanted one, He said "Sure, Thanks" so I poured him one. I finished my drink and asked where my brother was, He told me my brother was passed out upstairs and he couldn't sleep. I have know my brothers friend since he was born basically and he sleeps at my parents place or my brother at his a few times a week, He has always had a crush on me and i constantly used to catch him looking at me and once caught him trying to peek at me when i was changing after a shower.
I have a boyfriend but we have been at odds for a bit and I was a bit, Lets say excitable, I was wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt with no bra, I don't have crazy huge boobs but a solid D and they attract a lot of attention, He was wearing just a pair of shorts and I could see he had a bulge in them, I looked down and my nips were hard as diamonds and showing through my top nicely. Normally I wouldn't have but I walked right up to him and whispered in his ear "Want to see them?", His eyes popped wide open and he nodded his head, I took his hand and led him downstairs to my room, I closed the door and he was standing behind me, I took his hands and put them on my waist.
He slid his hands up my shirt and cupped my boobs squeezing and massaging them, I put my hands on his to slow him down then reached back and grabbed his bulge, I turned around and peeled off my shirt as he whispered "Oh my god", He was shaking and breathing hard, I put my hands on his shoulders and said "calm down", He took a deep breath and I grabbed his shorts pulling them down...Out popped his tiny, little, rock...ROCK hard wiener. He is a bit of a nerdy guy and has always been a shy, Quiet kind of guy. He shuffled his shorts down and kicked them off, I looked at his wiener and he looked down then we looked at each other and he was blushing, I reached down and wrapped my hand around it. I have only been with 4 guys but he is small in comparison to all of them.
In his defense he has decent length, Probably just above average but it's skinny, Veiny and I was a bit surprised at how hard it was, I was softly stroking it and he had precum dribbling out so it was all slippery, I stepped up close to him and we are about the same height, I kissed him as he started roaming my body with his hands, He started to twitch a bit and I said "Are you going to cum?", He nodded and just then shot his load all over my thigh and stomach as he trembled.
I giggled and smiled at him, I kept stroking his little wiener and he never skipped a beat, I looked at him and lifted my eyebrows whispering "Still good?", He breathed hard and said "For you...probably 10 times", I got on my knees and started blowing him, "He whispered "Oh shit, I have dreamed of this forever". He only lasted a minute or two and grabbed my hair coming in my mouth, I squealed and started stroking and sucking him fast, He came and kept cumming as i sucked him and I could feel him come at least 3 loads before I leaned back and looked up at him.
Again even after cumming HARD twice he was still rock hard, I smiled and looked at him saying "Really?", He looked down at me and nodded, I pulled him into my bed and we started banging. Like I said he is small but he puts in a huge effort, I have to admit I got off twice and I can't say for sure but he said he got off twice also. We laid there and I stroked him as he FINALLY went only half hard, He kissed and groped my boobs and within a couple minutes he hard a hardon again.
I have only done it twice but both times it was pretty good and he had the smallest penis I have had so I rolled over and nibbled his ear as I whispered "I want you to fuck my ass", He choked and whispered "For real?", I said "Yeah but you have to lick it first", He took a couple short breaths and said "gladly", He slid under the sheets and I rolled face down sticking my bum up. that boy may not have a lot of experience but WOW did he ever figure it out fast. He was licking my bum and had his thumb in my pussy rubbing the front wall inside. I was dripping wet and couldn't believe how good it felt, I was about to come again when I whispered 'Ahhh god...fuck my ass".
He wasted no time and shoved it in me from behind, He pounded me while reaching around rubbing and fingering my pussy, I only lasted a few minutes and had an orgasm that rocked my world as we came together, He shook and shoved it deep in my bum as we both came and then he dropped down on the bed beside me, I quickly told him "Go wash it...And use soap", He did then came back, I was already dressed and he walked in limp and tiny, I kissed him and let him get dressed before i laid out the rules of how he could never tell my brother or it would never happen again.
I left the next afternoon and went home but I am looking forward to my next visit.

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