Furry fandom cult about dragons

I was pulled into a cult. It's been years now, but it's taken me a while to fully accept what happened to me. I met some people online in the furry fandom and ended up meeting a guy who uses a red dragon as his online identity. I was young, a loner with poor social skills and he was suave and confident and always there for me. He told me about his soul being shared by a dragon (his sona) in another dimension and that they could communicate.

He said he "felt" a presence inside of me, too. That I was connected to a dragon as well. Told me that I was special. Unique. Classic cult speech. I met "others" who also had these connections. I felt like I finally belonged, even when "others" began to admit they were just lying to gain respect in our circle.

He lied to me so, so much and I accepted it. I reached a point where I trusted him 100% regardless of how damning the evidence. He started using me for financial benefit. I felt compelled to help him. He was my "lifeline" to my own dragon because I was to mentally "weak" to reach out and converse in my mind with the soul dragon.

I was a fool. And I'm so, so ashamed to think back on it. Once I stopped being useful, he dropped interest in me. Left me a broken mess searching for identity. I still feel worthless.

I know a lot of non-furries will read this and think what they want. But, if anyone in the fandom reads this.... don't trust the red dragon who claims you have a dragon connected to your soul.

27 days

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