The new game we play.

I am 45 and my GF is 38, We were out at a restaurant one afternoon about 3 months ago and something interesting happened, We were sitting eating lunch and our table was on a raised platform to the street level tables, She turned to point to where she wanted to go after lunch but then looked back at me kind of weird and she picked up her phone and texted me from across the table saying "I think the guy next to us just looked up my dress", We had been together about 6 months and I just looked at her, Looked at him then back at her, I texted her back and said "Do you want me to kick him in the face?", She texted back "LOL no, Just leave it".
After him and the guy he was sitting with finished and left I leaned across and said "do you really think he did?", She said "100%, I turned to point to the store and spread my knees, I looked right at him and he was looking right up my dress", I said "Are you wearing underwear?", Which was a valid question because she only really wears them at family functions or during period week and she said "What do you think?", I laughed and we carried on with our day.
That night she brought it up and asked what my feelings were on it, I told her I didn't really care if a guy got a peek up her dress and then asked what her feelings were, She blushed and said "Honestly?", I got intrigued and said "Yeah, tell me honestly", She said "I got a fukn rush from it, When I seen him looking I almost couldn't close my knees, I literally got wet". We pounded that night, like over and over, on the couch, the floor, The bed, The kitchen counter.
The next morning she walked around the house wearing nothing, Like...Nothing, Blinds open and came back with coffee's for us then set them down and jumped on me, She straddled me and said "You know that guy two doors down with the red truck?", I said "Yeah", she said "He totally just saw me, I watched him in the reflection of the mirror in the kitchen and he totally stopped for like...5 seconds". My GF is hotttt, Slim, 5'8", Top heavy with a nice ass but her p****, Her p**** & a****** is absolutely perfection, Pink puffy lips with no p*** flaps, Not even a hint, Perfect pink starfish a****** and is 100% bald.
It wasn't easy after the night we had before but I got it up and pounded her again and since then we have been trying to create opportunities for her to flash people without them knowing she is doing it on purpose and usually with me watching their reactions from a distance, Friends, Family, Strangers, Everyone at every opportunity, I honestly can't believe how open she is to doing it and how excited it gets her, My favorite reaction was when I told her about the guy in Ikea, She was bent over looking at throw pillows and he was across the isle from her, He bent right over and whipped out his phone taking a picture, I caught him and took a picture of him then took a picture of him with his wife who happened along a few minutes later.
When I showed her she clenched her thighs and moaned a little saying "Oooh gawwwd, I bet he will f*** the s*** out of her tonight after looking at that picture in the bathroom. We recreated the situation the next day and I took the picture and showed her, He seen all of her perfection from the p**** to the starfish. Her step brother is funny, He is considerably younger and she was moved out by the time her mom and step dad married, He is 24 and literally pops wood every time he sees anything, T***, P****, Ass and she loves it, She loves how awkward he gets because he's a bit nerdy and I doubt he is overly experienced so she does it to him lots, Bends over too far letting him look down her top and bends over in front of him letting him look up her skirts and then sits and talks to him touching him lots and sitting carelessly while watching him squirm to hide his erections.
Anyway, I don't know if anyone cares but this is our new game we play, Flash people and then talk about it while we f***.

19 days

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  • My wife and I went to dinner at a clam chowder place near here, they have tables on the main floor and seat along the wall that are elevated.
    Any women with skirt on can easily expose there, and two fishermen came in and sat drinking coffee right in front of up.
    I reached over and sort of absentmindedly tugged my wife's right knee towards me, she squirmed and tried to stop me since she never wears panties, something about her mother claiming they caused diseases.
    I told her to relax, I wanted to give those guys a little show, she blushed and bit her lip but let me open her up. They were staring intently, and I realized my wifey was getting how, then she laid her other knee over to the side, wide open. I saw the guy's eyes widen, then a buddy came in and sat with his back to us, so they said something, he got up, got some Coffee and moved to the other side.
    We sat there for nearly an hour while she gave them one full b***** shot after another, she even scooted forward in her seat some and leaned back.
    We ended up s******* in the back seat of our car before we got home. We have been back there dozens of times with some flashing success, but that first time was the wildest.

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