Worried about my submissive son

I've been a single mom since my adult son was a toddler. I have a B.A. but found it necessary to supplement my income from my regular job. I worked first as an ** and then I learned I could make good money as a **.

My son always knew about my side gigs. When he saw me packing or unpacking my work clothes and accessories (leather bras and shorts, stiletto heels, whips, paddles, etc.) I explained I was an entertainer and these were part of my job. As he got older he asked more questions. I explained more, keeping it age appropriate. I told him the whole truth when he was old enough to understand.

I thought he'd be either bored or disgusted with it by the time he was grown, that he'd rebel against me and my vocation by becoming a "regular" guy. He didn't. He became a straight submissive. I love him and I'm not ashamed of him, but submissive straight men get used and abused by women all the time. I guess I've got only myself to blame.

Almost as soon as he graduated college and got his first good job, he became engaged to a somewhat older (she was 31, he was 23) dominant woman. We fought about it. I talked to him till I was blue in the face about how he was too young, he needed to be careful, she's using you, you'll be nothing but her slave, and so forth. He explained that he realized he was a "true" submissive years ago, not somebody who visited a ** now and then like my clients. He said he loved her and was going to marry her. He married her last month.

I didn't want to lose all contact with my son so I stopped fighting with him. I was also as nice as I could be to her because I knew she had the power to cut him totally off from me.

They invited me to dinner for the first time last Saturday, and though she wasn't overtly dominant in the sense of barking out orders, she didn't hide from me how well she has him trained. He set the table and served the food. He didn't speak unless she or I spoke to him. If he said something she deemed irrrelevant or disrespectful, she'd tilt her head and raise her eyebrows. He'd shut up immediately. I also noticed he was wearing his wedding ring, but she wasn't wearing hers. And I didn't want to stare, but with all the experience I've had, it was obvious to me he was wearing a chastity device of some kind underneath his pants. He could have easily worn pants that hid it. Some of my clients did. She, or maybe he wanted to show me she was in charge now.

She and I went back into the living room while he cleaned the table and washed the dishes. We mostly talked about mundane things, and then she said, "I know you're worried about him but you shouldn't be. I'm only giving him what he needs. You don't know it, but I'm partly responsible for him graduating college. I met him long before you knew. I met him when he was a junior and he was starting to drift. I could see the potential in him, and I told him that if he graduated and got a good job, we'd get married. After wasting my twenties dating a bunch of ** and almost marrying one, I needed an innocent, devoted man like your son. I'm not sorry for that. He needs me as much as I need him, although that might sound ridiculous to you."

I said it didn't sound ridiculous, but I was worried he was settling down way too young. She said she wouldn't have married him if she didn't think he could handle being her husband. She said he really was a true submissive. I told her I had some questions. She said she'd answer any questions I have, but if she thought they were too private, she'd say so.

I said my main concern for now was the physical aspects. Does she discipline him? Does she understand there's a few right ways and a whole lot of wrong ways? She said, yes, she understood. She said she knew I'd been a pro domme and I could rest assured she knew how to use clamps, paddles, even a cane without permanently injuring him.

I said, rhetorically, "He's wearing a chastity belt, isn't he." She smiled and said she knew I'd be able to tell. I asked her if she knew those devices could cause damage if not used correctly. She seemed a little annoyed and said yes, she knew, and his tube wasn't a cheap plastic one. It cost a fortune, required a **, and was specially made for him. She said she got him pierced and fitted while they were still engaged.

Before I could ask another question she called him in from the kitchen. She told him to strip down completely. He was stunned and bewildered, but she said, "It's ok. I want your mom to know you're fine. She's worried about you. She doesn't mind."

Well, I minded, and I was about as embarrassed as he was, but on the other hand, I did want to make sure he was ok. He stripped down. He kept looking up at the ceiling, then looking down, his face paler than I'd ever seen it.

She said, "Go ahead, examine him all over. I just disciplined him last night, and all you might find is a little redness here or there."

I looked over his body. He was fitter and slimmer that when he was younger. She must have been restricting his diet and making him exercise. My heart sank when I saw her name tattooed on his chest. But she was right, there was nothing except a faded set of welts on his **. No broken skin or dark bruises. I checked his chastity tube and it fit well, no sores or abrasions. He started to leak a little pre-** as I examined him, but I'd seen that a hundred times from my clients.

What could I say. It's his life. I told her he looked fine and thanked her for letting me check.

There were a lot of questions I was curious about but didn't ask. Was she monogamous (I highly doubt it), was he monogamous (I'd bet on it, assuming she allows him ** at all), are they planning on kids (she doesn't strike me as wanting any). But I felt what had already happened was much more than enough for one night.

She never asked my son to put his clothes back on and he didn't ask her to let him. I told her he could put them back on, but she said he's fine, no problem. She changed the subject to something totally unrelated, and the rest of the evening was uneventful. Except it was disconcerting to see him sitting at her feet in nothing but his chastity tube, leaning his head on her leg as she tousled his hair and told me how things were at her workplace.

My son insists he's happier than he's ever been, and he seems to be. Still, I can't see how this marriage can last, but I know better than to start arguing with him again. It will just drive him closer to her. I'm going to do my best to stay a part of his life and watch how this plays out down the road.

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  • What nonsense that your son has become like a loyal dog

  • She sounds great for him. My father married six times over his life. Could never be happy. His last wife was what he needed. He was finally happy.
    Your son is in an FLR, and they are happy.
    My husband wanted to be a cuckold & we made it work.
    My sister is a complete submissive. She & her husband makes it work.

  • You really have nothing to worry about, your son sounds like he is in good hands. I really cannot imagine what else his wife could have done to set your mind at ease. As a cucked sub myself this sounds like a dream come true.

  • You gotta let him go. He belongs to her now. Sounds like she knows how to give him what he craves.

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