I took my ex boss' advise, I became a stay at home wife

I was getting ready for work and my boss called me. He told me it wasn't necessary for me to come in. I wasn't fit for the job and I was probably out of place working. I was the stay at home type and I needed to find a suitable husband and have kids and be a good mother. My things would be collected by the HR department and shipped to me, I was going to get a small severance payment (I hadn't been there long enough for severance but he was making an exception). Good by and good luck.

I was pregnant. It was not something I had shared yet, I was still deciding what I wanted to do. Now it looked like fate had set that course for me.

I went to the clinic and got the information, signed the papers and scheduled the procedure. Sitting in the waiting room before the procedure I kept playing my ex boss' words in my mind, I needed to find a suitable husband and stay home and have kids. All of sudden I was overcome and walked out the clinic and never returned.

I don't know if I'm better off or not. I have three kids with the creep that got me pregnant, he's a suitable enough husband who works at the refinery. We bought a small house in the neighborhood where a lot of his friends live. They like hunting and fishing, very outdoor types. I tutor kids after school as well as take care of my kids. I do lots of laundry and cooking.

When I get overwhelmed with my day to day I remember my boss' who told me to get married, stay home and have kids. He was right, but I would never tell him that. I feel sorry for all those women stuck at work who can't get out. I bet most of them would trade places with me, at least most of the ones I talk to.

Aug 11

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  • Might as well make more babies

  • Yes I would, but not with a creepy husband.

  • Unless he had a bwc

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