I am extraordinary

I confess to be extraordinary...it is not a statement filled with egoism i'm being honest with you allow me to explain.
I have autism I'm a ** a pushover a seemingly untalented person, when it comes to the pragmatics of everyday life you would otherwise see a clear lack of effort but however when it comes to subjects my mind is extremely sharp, I enjoy debating politics I enjoy writing and I am obsessed at times with seeing people have better lives but due to current events I have seen nothing but a complete lack of faith or belief on "the people's" part.
From where I once held hope for people I am now disgusted by merely being around them, they put on their masks and were openly coerced yet they know it now and would rather still defend the arguements of their idiocy rather than be truthful and honest which is a quality of dire need these days it is nearly extinct.
The recent events caused me to reflect on history how crowds just always followed but that it was always a minority that were the true contributors to technology and advancement, the true innovators who were always judged by cattle for being "different" for nearly a decade I have endured being tormented by normal people, people on mass who I once solely believed in to such an extend that I still feel ill from how much anger disappointment and sadness I feel, but I digress it pains me to try not to care, spirit pain which the majority would never ever comprehend.
For those of you who may read this if you are "different" if you have brilliance do not falter or shadow your gifts in the face of a cattle crowd mob, you are unique and I would die for people like you so please go on, cultivate your innovation and different way of thinking to me you are perfection.
To the majority, you've greatly wounded me on a mental level and I don't know what to think I think maybe you are content with the way things are and have been I think you all worship your jobs more to the level of divine gods I think you should stop complaining because either way left or right vax or unvax racist or not racist many of you cannot understand people like me but I understand many of you, this is not a generalised thought that is a virtue only the majority could have no
Instead it is well thought out I consider everybody's point of view but for once I don't care this has really effected me and I cared for people like you but I can't anymore it's just to much.

Sep 20

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