Gods fallen friend

I am a man (well...try to be) who has lost his way in life. I had everything placed before me from the heavens above. A life to succeed, a life to enjoy and FEEL life. I felt connected in a way where....it all made sense for my being. As you cant tell in my writing...this i all past tense, for I now no longer feel this. Ive gone down a road now which I cant see and ending (Drugs), It all started as a game, a rush, something I could hide in...but now, now I feel its consumed my being in a way where I no longer connect in a true fashion with others. My shallow ways I feel are starting to be noticed, which hurts my false reality even more. I look into others eyes, genuine eyes, and feel nothing. Some of the greatest moments of my life have been shadowed by this problem. The idea of pulling myself out, seems....distaint now. Maybe this is a cry for help which Im writing just to see, or I found myself willing to open up in knowing my face will not be seen with this.

I lost my way,
in a time of need.
No longer open arms,
now found stuck in greed.

My voice seems weak,
to those who cant hear.
for ever searching,
for my life to come clear.

Death is too easy,
not the way out.
writing these emotions,
all which poor out.

Rivers have winds,
and current to pull.
lost in it all,
my mind has grown full.

mind feels so lost,
no words to connect.
FEELINGS gone now,
I know Im not perfect.

So now where,
what drives this heart.
do I love my self.....
Then WHY did I fall apart...

Cheesy, lame, is what comes to my head for what I have wrote, but for this slight bit of freedom behind this screen, Ive been able to look at myself again, see what Im about, and feel that I still have emotions.

Thanks for the confession. Sorry to all those I will continue to hurt down this path, may an angle grant me another chance....


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  • i'm sorry. please forgive me. thank you. i love you.

  • You know seeing yourself for what you have become or are becomming is a step a lot of people never take- Fixing it is a whole series of steps GOOD LUCK

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