I love a man who is old enough to be my father

I worked for a man from the previous generation, literally the same birth year as my mother. Two things emerged after I went to work there, he parented me from the beginning. If I didn't have a father growing up, well I had one now. Second, I have a dirty mouth and I had to eat soap.

One day I am IM with my girlfriend and she is getting nasty about her time out the night before. She was comparing male size with her previous experiences and telling this one was so big she felt in her throat when he was on top of her. Somehow, the click of a button I was sharing the IM with my boss. He was reading her xrated comments about d*** size and my xrated comments as well. And as with all xrated comments, there was lots of exaggeration.

Only after we finished with my friend did I notice that I had turned on the IM to share with him. I went in and asked him about it and told him it wasn't meant for him and to please ignore it. What I got was a lecture on civility on the internet, soap mouthwash time again. I f****** hate soap in my mouth, I should learn my lesson. But I marched down with him the ladies room, we asked the ladies in there to leave, and I took the bar of soap out of his hand and put it in my mouth until he told me I could return the bar of soap to him.

I got a lecture too, no strange d****, what my friend was doing is taboo. He approved the d*** for me, so make sure I checked with him first. And whose d*** was that? No need to ask, all he had to do was look at me and my legs opened.

I can't believe that the man I f*** is old enough to be my father, and thinks of me as his daughter, so maybe technically f****** me is incest. I get called baby when I'm under him and he likes to run his hand over my behind. When he does I have a premonition I'm going to be spanked or he is going to stick his finger in my butt, when he runs his finger down my ass crack to play with my a***.

I don't call him daddy to his face, but I refer to him as my daddy to my friends. No one believes me that I have to put a soap bar in my mouth when I use profanity or get explicit about s** and other things. And no one believes me that I really do have s** with him, naked s** between my legs s**, and his d*** is respectable when it comes to size. I have, maintain and reserve my v***** for him. I don't know where all his d*** has been, but my v***** has no visitors except for him.

27 days

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  • Older guys are the best!
    I lost my virginity to my best friend's dad when I was a sophomore in high school. I went on vacation with them to their mountain property. Her mom insisted my bff keep up with her violin lessons so she got her a tutor for the week in town.
    While they were gone, her dad had woke up and I noticed he was hard. Things got crazy. I gave my first b******* and begged him for s**.
    Thankfully he'd been fixed so he could finish.
    We snuck around and did it 4 more times on that trip. LOL
    I also got an open invitation to vacay with them every year.

  • Nice. Nothing better as a young lady than s** with an experienced man

  • Lucky girl. I lost my virginity when I was 15 to my mom’s boyfriend. He was 39. He was like a father figure to me. When we had s** he was firm yet gentle.

    Still get wet thinking how big he was and how incredible it felt knowing that he wanted me

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