How I became a crossdresser

I started dressing recently after dressing for a Charity event with a workmate. We had to from pub to pub raising money for a local hospice. Neither of us were married and got a few girls from work to make us over and met at his flat. For a few days earlier we practiced walking in high heel boots. On the night we finished off the look with stockings, short skirts, corsets and long brown wig to below our shoulders. As we went from pub to pub we had to have a drink in each finished withing and hit £500 we would have a bonus from the company we worked for.
After we had finished, both very drunk went back to the flat to change and agreed to meet others later.
We crashed on the sofa, still high from the night, and as we sat there, we both become aroused and obvious to each other through out ** and short skirts. Although we shied away at first but we both gave in and started kissing. After a few minutes this progressed into the bedroom, still fully made up and dressed.
The night was a success because we raised nearly £5000 for the hospice. However, for us the success was after we finished and over the years went on to go out dressed to bars and loved the attention.

Nov 30
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  • You discovered the tremendous pleasure of women's intimates on the male body. Many guys are in touch with this behaviour

  • Nice. I "dress up" at home all the time. My gf lol.

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