I’m fattening up my husband on purpose

In the time I’ve known my husband, he’s gone from skinny, to chubby, to having a pretty good gut. Up until now, it’s been all him, I certainly never discouraged his eating but never encouraged it either, and I’ve always had a thing for big guys. But I confess that’s it’s so hot I’ve recently started actively and secretly fattening him up! I’d estimate he’s about 220 pounds right now. I’m not sure since our scale isn’t working, and I don’t want it to, I don’t want him to see he’s gaining faster and try to stop! But recently I’ve been actively encouraging him to eat more, baking more sweets, plying him with snacks, and I’ve started secretly tracking his calorie intake as precisely as I can manage so I can maximize it! It’s all been soooo extremely ** watching him eat a meal I’ve prepared for him loaded up with as many calories as I could, or hearing him say how stuffed and bloated he feels at the end of the day.

Whenever he exceeds the calorie goal I have, I give him a nice ~reward~, not that he consciously knows that he’s being rewarded. Awhile ago he mentioned that he’s outgrown most of his shirts and I got so ** I almost went weak in the knees.

I plan to put another 30 pounds on him at least, and if I can keep him eating like this, he should put on about 8-10 pounds a month. I don’t think it’ll be too hard, he’s gotten somewhat fat all by himself already! His belly is so close to developing a proper hang over his waistband, and his pecs are almost proper ** and it’s driving me absolutely wild!

Dec 1
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  • How big is he now? You still fattening him?

  • I'm a guy who likes chubby men and would love to see pics of his pecs and belly. bestucando98@yahoo.com

  • Why are women into chubby guys? I'm one of those chubby body guys and my gf thinks its **. i have tried asking her why she likes my chubby body and all i get she loves me just the way i am. i remember back in the day a woman would only like athlete type and would never give a chubby a second look.

  • Because chubby men are super soft, warm, cuddly, AND the chub creates good pressure not bad in certain positions AND it nice to have extra cushion for the pushin’! Most ladies / men who are into chubby / bigger men will likely say the same and agree.

  • It’s so ** when a man chubs up. They do it so easily when they are comfortable.

  • What kind of food do you feed him ? How big are his meals? What’s your daily calorie target for your hog? :)

  • When I first started fattening my hubby my goal was 3000 calories/day, which helped him put on 50 pounds in our first year of marriage. That got him up to 230 pounds, but I wanted him bigger, so I increased his portions and added treats to get him to 3700 calories/day. This helped him reach his current weight of 360 pounds, at our 5 year anniversary, double his wedding weight. Now that he is so roly poly my butterball is so easy going. Just feed him and ride him and he is as content as a breed sow.

  • Do you have a goal weight in mind for him?

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