Pre-surgery surprise

About me: I'm 23 and a CNA. I'm just a plain girl.
My parents are super strict and I was homeschooled.
My boyfriend and I courted 5 years and this past Christmas, gave me a ring and finally proposed.

I work at a hospital and last year was moved to pre-surgery. I've see a lot in my short time.

This is embarrassing and I'm glad this site is anonymous.
Yesterday, I was assisting a RN install a Foley tube and the guy was huge! I mean HUGE! I held it with both hands while the RN performed the procedure. I became aroused. It didn't help the RN was making naughty comments about what she'd be willing to let him do to her. I was shocked because she's married!

I'm still a virgin. My fiancé and I have fooled around. I've given him oral but that guy was twice his size!

It is wrong for me to feel aroused? I can't get the image of it out of my mind.

Jan 12
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  • You need to find other men that have bigger ** than your fiancé. Then have one of them take your virginity and then ** some more guys. Tell your fiancé that other men have ** you. If he still wants you then marry him and keep ** other men. If he doesn't want to marry you, find another man that will marry you and let you ** other men.

  • What is CNA?

  • In the medical field it's a CNA stands for 'Certified Nursing Assistant' and only requires a few months of course work.
    In hospitals, they assist the nurse with the patient activities.
    For people that want to work 'now' instead of attending college 'full time' to be come a RN, it's a pathway for entering the medical field.

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