The night away

Both myself and my wife of 25 years Helena have talked about my fantasy and now hers of another man joining us for an mfm.
We roleplayed for a couple of years with Helena blindfolded and using a toy and my ** to bring herself to **.

Fast forward to last Saturday and our date weekend away, well I always encourage Helena to wear revealing clothes and this Saturday was no exception.

Helena had stockings on with a short skirt and a curry blouse and bra, she looked amazing and I was hard before we went out.

Once out we went to a local wine bar and got talking to 2 younger guys, it was clear they were enjoying helena,'a outfit.

Helena was enjoying the attention and one of the guys had his hand in her leg..I could see he was edging beneath her skirt towards her stocking top, I was rock hard and pretended I had not noticed, Helena was tipsy and very aroused.

I left the three of them alone whilst I went to the gents, taking my time wondering what would develop, torn between jealousy and arousal not knowing which was worse...but wanting it to go further.

I returned to our table to find the guys either side of her all laughing with both there hands out of sight and Helena breathing hard and what looked like another button undone in her blouse, this left her gorgeous ** very close to being revealed.

The guys then asked if we would like to have a drink at there apartment which was round the corner, Helena asked me if we could go and I readily agreed, my emotions going through the roof along with my ** wanting to burst out of my trousers.

We all left the bar Helena holding my hand and one of there's, the apartment was only a few minutes away, we were invited in as there was another guy they shared the apartment with, within a few minutes music was playing and we were dancing, the guys asking if they could dance with my wife, I replied yes as longhand Helena happy.

So there is my wife centre of attention dancing with 3 guys, they started running there hands over her body looking at me to see if it was ok...I nodded and looking at Helena could see she was enjoying herself.

One of the guys undid another button on her blouse and her amazing ** were revealed, there was a collective gasp from the guys and a deep sigh from Helena..

There was a noticeable bulge in the guys trousers one of which was pressing into Helena from behind.

Helena looked to me and I nodded my acceptance of what was likely to happen, things started to progress with one guy removing her blouse and another guy removing her skirt, Helena was now dancing in her black heels and stockings, thong and cthru bra.

One of the guys removed his trousers and boxers and Helena held his rapidly gardening **....comment if you would like to here more of our story

Jan 15

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