I Yelped my own job.

I don't have to worry about getting fired however. Quick explanation. I used an anagram generator, put in my full name and it gave out an anagram that definitely looked like a name belonging to someone from another country. Created a google account with the anagram, then created a yelp account with it. With that being said, let me explain why I yelped my own job. For 16 years, I've worked at a supermarket and every time, I've had to deal with useless lazy employees, terrible managers, trash in the carts because the cart guys don't remove the trash and now, the supermarket is constantly raising prices. For those of you who are wondering why I just don't complain to management or HR. There's 2 reasons. 1. Like I said the managers are terrible. They do nothing but sit in their office's all day and even if you do complain about something, all they do is talk to whatever employee is complained about and that's it. 2. A couple of years ago, the head company decided to get rid of HR permanently so no help there. I want to note that one of the primary reasons for Yelping my job under an assumed name is due to the fact that if I didn't, if I used my actual account instead, I would probably most likely not only lose my job, but also because I strongly believe that if I did it would look like the review of a disgruntled employee and probably won't be taken seriously. Which of course, it is. However, a disgruntled customer, on the other hand, might have the company actually do something about the kind of work environment that I have to put up with.

Jan 25

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  • Congratulations, but no one uses Yelp anymore, it’s like MySpace.

  • I think using Yelp actually helped. There's a cashier there, Deana, who every time I try to bag for her she always claims the customer "wants to bag their own groceries". I know this is a lie because I never hear a customer tell her this. Saying this is her way of telling me she doesn't want me to bag for her but, she has no problem with other employees bagging for her. I complained about her on Yelp because of this. On Thursday and Friday of this week, I was bagging for her and she didn't use the "they want to bag their own groceries excuse" which makes me believe that my review of my job got through and she heard about it.

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