I have no idea who my son's father is

We were going to college at Tulane and decided to go down to Bourbon Street with a friend during Mardi Gras. I woke up on a sidewalk a little before sunrise in an alley, my ** gone, and evidence that I had been used for **. I sat up and my head hurt and I vomited. Not the first time, there was vomit all over me. I waited until I could stand, pulled my dress down to cover me, vomited and looking like ** I made it out to a street and a cop car stopped to check on me. I wasn't anywhere close to Bourbon Street or the French Quarter, I was in the port area, warehouses and a the container port across the street.

I was returned to my apartment after a doctor looked at me, and confirmed I had ** in me. They took a ** kit but what for, I had no idea who did it, or how many men did it. I was given the morning after pill which I took back at my apartment but I didn't take it. I was showered and my head had stopped hurting when the friend I went down to the French Quarter with came to my apartment. The police surmised that it was a sailor or sailors on leave from a freighter.

This child born from that night is now 25 years old. He has been told that his father is anonymous and doesn't want to be exposed, he was doing me a favor. I know this will sound bad, especially in these times of racial accusations, but I was so glad that my child was 100% white and not a mixed a baby. His DNA profile says that he is 50% Greek descent.

Feb 20

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  • Your son is a demigod.

    You got ** by Zeus himself

  • It's sad you had to endure that experience. I respect that you went through with the pregnancy. Now you have a son that loves YOU.
    When I was 24, I'd just got out of a bad marriage. The guy I dated through high school and college had been married 2 years and I found out he was cheating.
    We were at the stage of wanting kids. That went out the door.
    I tried dating and nothing worked.
    I was ready to have kids so I did my research and I went to a clinic 3 hours away for a couple weekends to get artificially inseminated.
    Today, I have a beautiful 19 year old daughter. I never told her how she was conceived. She thinks it was a guy I used to date that ran off.

  • Why not tell her the truth instead of making her think her father is some dirt bag POS who ran off? Take responsibility for what you did.

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