I wish my mother had not remarried

I will always treasure my mother saying that she and my father were soul mates and made her feel the way the song You Light Up My Life made her feel in that regard, that he understood her in a way that my stepfather never did and wouldn’t try to. And I know what she means because I feel that me and my dad are complementary in a way that me and my stepdad aren’t. But then again, I feel devoted to making things work with my father and welcome him where I don’t welcome my stepfather.

Don’t get me wrong, anyone other than my dad would have been less than ideal, but the last person I would want my mother with is my half-brother’s father. I don’t want to be a family with his dad. I would love for my mother to marry someone else, that is my wish. Having her with someone other than my half brother’s dad would be worth having her with someone other than my dad. If she’s going to be married to my stepfather anyway, why not marry someone else?

Aug 2

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  • My mom broke my dad's heart by cheating on him with his best friend. My dad is a great man and worked long hours so mom could stay at home with my brother and I.
    After the divorce was final, I refused to stay with mom or visit her for 8 months. Finally, dad insist I stay with her one weekend around Thanksgiving. I knew mom and D**g were planning to get married.
    Long story, I made sure mom would walk in and catch us having **. They tried to work things out but mom even admitted she couldn't marry a guy that's been with her daughter. lol

  • I feel bad about my parents' divorce too, but it is what it is. The worst part of it is that it led to my half-brother's birth.

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