Best friend?

About a year ago, a good friend and I had kissed. Nothing more physical had ever really happend in between the 3 months of that first kiss, and when he left to go to a different country for a year, he has lots of family there and wanted to try something new. He was always pretty nice to me, we were always together, everyone thought we were dating or more was going on, but we were just close.
That whole year was not as fun as I had imagined it being with him there, but I got by pretty fine. We'd email every now and then, and there was the occasional call and a post card.
When he came back to the states in January, I found out that he had a gf back in the other country, whom he had been dating for about 3months.
I didn't think too much about how I had liked him before, thinking it had all passed. Things didn't go as planned. We went back to the usual rutine of always being together, very flirty, and we slept in the same bed most nights when we were together. One night he told me that he liked me, a little too much, and felt wrong about it because of his gf..
We never made anything of it, just going on being best friends, closer than we had been a year ago. Until one night in April ,one thing led to another, and we ended up having s**... and continued until june, when his gf came to the states for two weeks.
Never would I want to hurt his gf, and deff. never hurt him. I know that the cheating was way beyond wrong, yet this boy and I have had a certian connection and understanding for eachother that I haven't ever really seen between people before... He just sometimes makes these comments about how he's used me, or us being f*** friends... And he hasn't told his gf about anything.
He left to go back to that country about a week ago, yet since he didn't exactly have a home there, and didn't want to ask his relatives again, his gf (in his exact words) "guilt tripped" him into staying at her place, and in that country. After she came for those two weeks, he has almost... i'm not sure how to explain it... changed his view on her. He says he wants to be back in the states, he's already planning on possibly getting an apartment and has asked me if i'd like to as well...
I've definitly fallen for this boy, way more than I ever planned. And his good friends (as well as mine) have told me how much they can tell he adores me back.... I just don't know what to make of all that's happend, or what could happen. What if he does break up with his gf, comes back, and decides to never make anything more of us? Should I not expect that? ...What do I expect?

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  • maybe you should read the whole thing, instead of being so insensative.

    to me it seems like his gf hasn't played the most significant role... im not sure... its crazy what youve gotten into though

  • you should never expect someone to leave their girlfriend for you, if he wanted to be with you, he would be.

    And, don't listen to your friends, or his friends, why the h*** would they have information as to how he feels about you, when it's clear he has a girlfriend?

    And, i only read the last paragraph.

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