ive been married for 13 years we have 3

ive been married for 13 years we have 3 boys one is 12,5,and the other is 10 months old.we got married at a young age. when i was 16 he was 22.he has been cheating on me ever since we have been married and i never found out about it untill he told me about it.he told me that it was way more than once, he told me so many different women that i lost count.then he told that he was living with another women.i feel really bad because he would always give me different types of diseases and i thought i was the one to blame but i was confused because i have never cheated on him i have never slept with another guy.well i feel bad because he would always tell me that he cheating on me and i forgived him because he told me he would change he swore it to god and on his mother he would change but a few weeks ago he called two of the girls he used to be with and he asked me to forgive him.can anyone please tell me what to do?

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  • Well keep them

  • It is pretty obvious you didn't finish school. Go back and get an education to start. Oh and where do live Arkansas? Married at 16? How could you not know he was cheating if gave you a f****** STD? Why am I wasting my fingers on this stupid ass girl?

  • Divorce him and keep him as far away as possible.

  • LEAVE dumbass, before you end up with AIDS and your kids have no mother.


  • Its going to be sooooooooooooo hard and painful for you and your children... but move on!!!! It will all be worth it in the end. Look, you already have support from a bunch of people and they don't even know you. Turn to your family and friends for more support. Move on!!!!!

  • women are such idiots sometimes! Why would you take so much s***? You need to follow the advice of 1, 2 & 3 above!

  • First, drop him like a diseased dog.
    Second, get a full check up and make sure you dont have aids
    and get treatment for any other stds.
    Third, get a good lawyer, and tell him that he will be paying out child support for the next 17 years.
    Fourth, dont ever have a relationship with him.. move on as you cant change the past

  • You'll do what your heart tells you to but the best thing to do is leave. He has already shown you that he is not going to change, it will be hard now but in the end you and your kids will be happy take on day at a time!!!

  • shouldnt have been so damn naive and had a kid at 16

  • get your brother or friend that is twice his size and get him to kick the living s*** out of him

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