I have been married for 7 months now

I have been married for 7 months now and i always feel uncomfortable and not at ease with myself when i make love with my wife in our home. This is not something that is a problem when we are away but only in the confines of our home. I am 34 and have never been married up until now. My wife is 56 and was a widow when i met her. When we married we moved into the home she shared with first husband from when they married up until his death. She has many framed photos of her and me around our home but she also has many framed photos of her with her first husband.Its this that makes me feel uneasy.It makes me feel i am doing something wrong when i make love to my wife and i see photos of her with this other man.As an example in our bedroom on both bedside tables are wedding photos of me and her together plus a couple of others of us then there are wedding photos of her with her first husband. This makes me feel very uneasy when making love to her and i see pictures of this other man. I know i shouldnt feel this way as he is dead and she is now my wife but to be locked in a session of passionate lovemaking and see this man looking at us in the photos really unnerves me. I know my wife loves me and that she also loved him but i wish she would put his photos away out of site

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  • She needs to eliminate the display of photos of her dead husband, not completely, but at least the ones in the bedroom. I can see how this is weird for you, you should let her know how you feel.

  • Take up masturbation.

    It does the soul good.

  • Why the heck does she have pictures of her ex husband around the house??? Thats messed up..... Tell her to put them in an album and pull them out only when your not around...... What kind of woman does that to her husband??? Creepy....

  • Tell her how you feel. And consider buying a house for the two of you, and making your own memories.

  • You DEFINITELY need to talk to her about this!!!!! Its nice that she wants to respect their past together and have memories of him around but you both need to agree on where these pictures are and are not placed. Definitely not in your bedroom!!!!!!!! I totally understand, I won't put pictures of my own family in my bedroom. Creepy, feels like their watching.

  • You two need to sell the house and get a new place of your own.

  • Have her put the pictures of the other stiffs away. You don't need that stuff in your relationship. If she wants to look at an old photo of them, she should be able to pull them out of a box deep in the closet and look at them when you are not around. Tell her that having the photos around makes you uncomfortable; if she does not understand, I'd say that you married the wrong person, as she probably still feels married to those other cats too.

  • you should tell her just what you said right now!!!! she loves you and will understand.

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