Relationship Confessions

What to do?

The other day we had a surprising thing happen, I was at the lake house with my kids and my nanny, My nanny is 25, Short, Blonde and very attractive, I hadn't seen her in her bathing suit before just due to timing it never worked out that we were at the lake at the same time, It was always either her or I who had taken the kids but never together... [more]

Most Women make horrible relationship decisions.

I have never understood the female interest in "Bad boys" and it p***** me off ..endlessly. FFS, as a man who was raised to be a respectful, understanding, well balanced by human, I was always annoyed by girls who would date a bad person ( for what ever reason; allure, to [more]

I was angry

I was angry at my father and in general and I was prideful disrespectful tyrannical impatient defensive argumentative gossipping stubborn faithless anxious afraid worried selfish hipocrytical self rightous I passed judgement against others I complained had worldly sorrow resentment I was immature lazy irresponsible ungodly insensitive unloving... [more]

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My current ex wife

I got a shout out from my ex to come over. I met her on a plane back in 1987 on an overnight flight to Santiago, Chile. We sat in A and B and by the time we landed she had given me a hand job and a bit of a b******. I was staying at an upper end hotel paid for by the company, but she was on her... [more]

Keeping her obedient

I like my wife to be obedient and submissive. It helped that we met at church and that she had been exposed to the idea that a wife submits to her husband. Before marriage we did talk about wives submitting to husbands. After marriage I worked on her. If we were discussing something, I would ensure that I was the one that made the actual... [more]

Relationship Advice

I got engaged a few months ago with my fiancé. She told me about her previous boyfriend, and I was ok with that. I recently found out she had two other boyfriends in the past. She was in serious relationship with one of them for about 4 years and they were even talking about getting married. However, this was all we met but I found out she broke... [more]

Some boys are so much more mature than they appear

Don't laugh. In the ninth grade I had the worst ever crush on Dan. Dan was a bad boy, he was in trouble all the time and every mother knew to keep their daughters away from Dan. But my crush was too strong and Dan got his hand in my bra, his hand in my panties and his d*** in my mouth. Then he... [more]

Growing fatter

I’m deliberately trying to grow a huge butterball belly and am finding it to be extremely erotic and sensual. My belly is now 58” round when sitting and I weigh about 285 on a 6’3” frame.
My wife doesn’t share my delight at my growth and intentions to get fatter but does enjoy playing with my belly during intercourse.
I would love to find... [more]

Wife transition

My wife who was 26 years at the time came up to me and said she wanted us to become transgender she replace my clothes with female one and hers with male also she is a businesswoman so she told me to stop working and stay at home and be a trans house wife so I listened and retired from my job ... [more]

Want to know wife cheated

I pretty much know my wife cheated. She has a guy younger and a few others. I admit it turns me on and want the truth.

I slept with 150+ women, now married and monogamous

Due to a unique set of skills I used to be approached by a lot of women. For a while I was selective, but during a depressed period I decided to be a complete s*** and lean into it. MFFs, MMFs, orgies, g********, a cast of regulars, plus random one... [more]

The day a load was taken off my shoulders

It was the day my girlfriend decided to break up with me over the phone. The breakup was not supposed to be an entire breakup but a lessening of the time we spent together. I gave up on the relationship entirely but I didn't tell her that. I never called her again.

I somewhat cheated on my partner and i cant get rid of the guilt

So ever since my i high school years i’ve been obsessed with this one guy. we’ll call him A. A and i became best friends and even sexual partners quickly. the attention was great and i honestly stopped at nothing to make sure A was still interested in me. we never dated (even though i really wanted to) because he is highly religious and i’m not... [more]

Simple needs Part 1

I do have simple needs, and quite possibly a lot to offer the right person. I have daily recurring thoughts of being confined to a very strict lifestyle. I have met a lot with similar interests, however not a lot with the depth of conviction that I have. I have never lost these particular needs, they have only grown in depth and desire. I will... [more]

Need advice

I’m a 45 year old male. So… my buddy Rick was dating this girl named Baylie. At the end of their relationship, things got really bad. Like Rick almost being arrested, her almost losing her two girls, they almost lost their house… s*** just went ridiculous. They finally ended things as cleanly as... [more]

Intrigued on her past

So I have kind of a odd situation and I think I need others opinions. This goed back many years to when I was dating my now wife (Mary).
When we first met she was kind of a female player with several guys she was hooking up with on a fairly regular basis. I knew she was seeing others she said going out for fun but deep down I knew some of... [more]

GF suggested multiple partners

My GF asked if I had ever thought about having a threesome. I asked her if she wanted another woman or another man to join us. She said either. She asked me if I wanted it to be a man or woman. I told her that I heard she had been with a woman and the thought of watching her and another woman was hot. She smiled and said ok. I also confessed to... [more]

Ex wife fantasy

When my ex wife and I were together we vacationed at a topless beach. Seeing my wife topless on the beach was great. Seeing other guys look at my almost naked wife on the beach and enjoying her t****** was also enjoyable. I never told her how much I liked her showing her pretty t****** on the beach. We have been divorced for some time but still... [more]

I show pictures of my wife

I confess and I know it is wrong, I know it is dangerous, I know it could ruin and embarrass her, yet there is something so intoxicating and addicting to the sexual sensations I get from reading comments and knowing random guys are masturbating to the pictures of my wife I send via e-mail and that I post short time on exposure sites.
I get out... [more]


I like it when my boyfriend ask me to dress as a girl for him, he told I was his girl and his s** toy from this night on, I was over joy to dress for him,and to be his s** toy be f*** He calls Dana,

Wife met me for lunch almost naked.

One night when I was working 2nd shift my wife came to where I worked and met me in the parking lot for lunch. She seemed pretty dressed up so I asked her why she was all dressed up. She said no reason I just dressed for you to meet you for lunch. She was wearing her white fox coat which was short enough to show off her pretty legs. I said you... [more]

Not attracted to my wife anymore

I'm not attracted to my wife anymore. She is 33 and I am 36. I have always maintained a good level of physical fitness. I enjoy lifting weights and doing outdoor activities. When I met my wife she was really good looking. She wasn't perfect,but who is.. We only had one child, but after she gave birth, she never tried to lose any of the weight. She... [more]

I love other men playing with my wife's feet

I have a big foot fetish and absolutely love my wife's feet. They are UK size 6.5, meaty soles and lots deep wrinkles, plus cute little toes. To me they look perfect. A lot of other guys have commented to her how nice they are and it is a massive turn on for me.
I've seen guys running their fingers over her soles before and massaging them and... [more]

Naked car rides

Me and my wife would get naked and drive on the highway . The passenger wears a blinder. So they can’t see. We are both naked. Love seeing a guy get in trouble for staring at my naked wife while his wife is in the car. Believe it or not. Women love to see it too .


I have no idea if this belongs here, or that other site the confessional page links. Regardless, here we go.
For the past couple of months, I have been engaging in online erps as a minor. I am aware of the severity of this, and I do not engage in much anymore, not that its better. However, I had assumed that I wouldn't ever really fall of... [more]

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