Relationship Confessions

I hate my wife , she is a b****

Got married many years ago .. without much though on compatibility and it felt like the right thing to do .. now with two kids over the years i feel i am trapped.. she is a b**** with extreme childhood trauma and inferiority complex, she cant get a job, cant cook , avoids anything sexual, she cant... [more]

New girlfriend kisses her teenage son not he lips & with tongue

I recently started dating a co-worker and we're getting pretty serious.
The only issue is…..
She kisses her 17 year old son on the lips!
I’m not talking about a harmless peck. It’s with tongue and he'll squeezes her ass!!
The first time I witnessed it was at the park.
We’d finished our first run together and her son was batting practice... [more]

Don't Ever Drink and Drive

I posted on here a few months ago about how my long-term relationship partner lost his ex girlfriend to someone who hit and killed her with a car when he or she was drunk. 4 years later, he would still talk about her all the time, had pictures of them on his wall, ect.
She was clearly the love of his life, and she was taken form him for a... [more]

I was cheating for over a year AND i got the last laugh!

Lollll ok so basically I started dating this Dom when I was 18 and he was 26. He was in an open relationship at the time, but right around my 19th birthday, they decided to be monogamous. But we still hung out. At first, I was just teasing him, but the 3rd time we hung out, he couldn't resist and [more]

Being a good cuckold hubby

I want to be a cuckold husband. I currently in a relationship and I want my girlfriend to cuck me. I would love to see her dominate me and chose boyfriends of her choice and f*** them. I would love to serve her. I deeply wish she cucks me one day and see this confession as well. I would love to clean... [more]

Wife says getting fat turns her on

I have discovered I think I like her doing this as well. She was very small, 100lbs or so years ago and kids and med and being sedintary has her up to about 270 at 5’4. She likes to eat until she can barely breathe and then go straight to the bedroom. Her o****** last a lot longer than ever... [more]

Kissing my ex-girlfriend.

I remember my first kiss with Lora. We were on our first date and she looked wonderful. She was a curvy woman with bobbed, blond hair and fair skin. At the end of the date, I leaned in to her and her to me. Our lips touched softly and we embraced in a full body hug. It lasted a while but in memory, only seems like a few seconds. She smelled... [more]

My punishment

So my husband and I have been married 36 years and always had a DD relationship, I often get sparked of caned. A few days ago we had a big argument and I locked him out of the house, when I eventually let him in I knew I’d be in for it but he waited a few days, last night was the night. Kneeling over a stack of pillows ( never tied up) I submitted... [more]

Big F**** to that F****** F***

Ok so in my opinion to start off I don’t think it’s possible for a guy and girl to be best friends without one of them having feelings for the other. There’s just no f****** way. Unless the guy is gay or the girl is gay. When I met my girl, she had a guy best friend. My friends knew who he was... [more]

I still love you

I still am in love with you. I've tried to move on and set my soul free but no matter what i do, you're always a constant memory in the back of my head reminding me of our once strong bond. I would've crossed the ocean, flew to the moon, fought wars and walked through h*** for you to have... [more]

He got the best deal ever.

My husband and I decided to have a final fling before we tied the knot, More just as a final blowout before settling down than anything, we discussed just doing something together and he brought up the "Final fling" idea, We like to get a bit wild and crazy but have never done something with someone else alone...If that makes sense, Like we have... [more]

I didn't realize how great my parents were until they died.

I sure miss them. They lived into their 90's but I still miss them.

Why was she so surprised?

I had been dating her for three years. The relationship was going nowhere. The last time I asked her out she didn't want to go to a movie, visit the park or drive around with me nor did she have any suggestions of her own. She suggested we date other people.
I dated someone else and never called her again. I heard on the grapevine she was... [more]

Wife's black dress

Had a strange conversation with the wife one day. My wife bet me she could turn any head she wanted to by wearing anything she wanted. I like a fool took the bet and we decided to do this at the local mall.
She decided to wear a short tight black dress and no stockings , high heals and no undies .
My wife is in her mid 20's, 5' 5", 115 lbs... [more]

Married out of duty

I married out of duty. I got my gf pregnant and felt obligated to marry for the betterment of the kids, my reputation and to not have kids out of wedlock. Marrying when you have kids with someone is the honorable thing to do. Now I've discovered I have a soulmate and I don't believe it is my wife.

My Fiancé's Secret

My fiancé and I have known each other since early high school. We're both 22 and engaged. Last week, on some sort of credit card bill, I saw that he donated $100 to an orginization for male sexual assualt survivors. When I connfronted him about it, he got very hostile, something he has never done ever once before. Honestly, I didn't act right when... [more]

Wife want orgy

My wife is 34 now. I proposed her when she was 16. After 18 year of relationship and 10 year of marriage. Even after healthy s** life, my wife want to have orgy with other men. She talks everytime when we we so s**. We [more]

You took me away from Randy; the man I really loved

My wife said this the week before Valentines day. She was surprised when I didn't get her a valentine the next week. Not sure why but the stupid b**** was. We were divorced by May.


So for about 3 months, my boyfriend has been talking about how he wants to marry me soon and that he is so sure about marrying. I thought at first that he was light-weight joking because we are only 19, but he brought it up so many times that it made me start thinking he wasn't joking. It honestly made me happy to know that he was already sure... [more]

A friend of mine OD'ed. His wife discovered him dead while she s

His wife was sleeping next to him and she discovered that he had died during the night. An autopsy revealed the cause of his death was from an overdose. He was not adverse to drugs.
He left her with a son not much older than a toddler.
I was going to take them out for pizza but she just disappeared. I believe she went to live with... [more]

Jen Psaki’s feet

I want to lick her feet and suck her toes. I imagine her coming home from a long day at the White House and she either has hose on or no socks or hose on in her shoes. I just want to take her shoes off and let my tongue worship her

Stalked / followed my wife

SO my wife travels a lot for work and takes assignments typically 3 months from place to place and stays at hotels from time to time. Well on one of her earlier assignments she booked a hotel which had fairly cheap rates as we were short on cash. She came home after the first weekend and we had a few drinks one night and she was talking about the... [more]

Sort of anniversary

Today Mar. 14) its nearly exactly a year since we got the first lockdown order for the virus. That means (for me) that in about six weeks it'll be a year since I made one of the biggest mistakes of my life by beginning an affair with a man I barely knew. I was scared and crazy from the pandemic panic and felt like the walls were closing in and... [more]

My Best Friend

I think that for a long time I was in love with my best friend. I am in a loving relationship now with a beautiful girl (there will be an entirely separate post about her), but I can help to imagine what could have been. I can't help but thinking what a better partner I would be to her than the boy she is in a relationship with now. I never felt... [more]


I was married to a woman and she was a Nassasistic person so it ended in a divorce with a little girl.
So I did my best to be a good Dad show her how to ride a bike, go fishing and take her on vacations while I was saving up for a house to buy close to where she lived so she could come over... [more]

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