Relationship Confessions

A formal mistress

I am an accomplished professional. I can support myself quite well. However I'm a woman, and being a woman I am under the power of a man. I don[t pay rent, or have a car payment. I have an allowance for daily expenses, currently five thousand a week. I can't spend it. 100% of my salary goes into savings, he invests for me and I have over 500... [more]

I sponsored a honeymoon for my wife and her crush

My wife had a crush on my cousin brother since the day we got married, I remember that she was very curious finding out who was he during our wedding. I've noticed that she behaved differently whenever he was around, I knew she liked him, but when I asked she would deny it and say I'm out of of my mind.
But she never flirted with him in any form... [more]

I sponsored a honeymoon for my wife and her crush

My wife had a crush on my cousin brother since the day we got married, I remember that she was very curious finding out who was he during our wedding. I've noticed that she behaved differently whenever he was around, I knew she liked him, but when I asked she would deny it and say I'm out of of my mind.
But she never flirted with him in any form... [more]

I have been enabling my girlfriend's horrible habits for years!

I have been manipulating and enabling my girlfriend. She has no self control, and I have taken full advantage. She used to be a very thin girl in high school, but she always had a sweet tooth and loved junk food.
Once we moved in together I started bringing her more and more food to eat, she enjoyed being a glutton and eating everything I put... [more]


Even though it ended, you will always be the one I think of, the one I wish for. I hope you're happy and she makes you feel better than I once did. you deserve the world, kisses. I love you, like I'm still 15. once your bubby.

I like someone else

I like someone else outside of my relationship. I love my boyfriend but our relationship has been on the rocks for a while. I guess that’s why I’m not even surprised I like my guy friend & I look forward to talking to him everyday. I think he likes me too & it gives me butterflies just thinking about it. I understand the grass isn’t always greener... [more]

I don’t like her anymore

I’m in high school. I’ve been talking to this girl. I really liked her. I wanted to date her and she wanted to date me. Then she casually slipped in that she had been raped. I asked her what happened but she really did not want to tell me.
I don’t like her anymore. I don’t really want to talk to her. I don’t really want to date her. I thought... [more]

Cannot stop

I have been sleeping with my stepfather for two years now. I know I should stop but cannot. Everytime I put an end to it, I break down and ask for more. He does me so much better than anything I've experienced. I don't know why I am so addicted to him. Is it the s** or am I in love or? Mom would kill us... [more]

True Sister Wives

I met my husband in college and we got married after graduation. I am the eldest daughter and my parents invited everyone that we barely knew. It was a big wedding and they rented the conference hall at the Ramada Inn. On my wedding day my younger sister disappeared. She was one of my bridesmaids. She wasn't at my parent's house and no one had... [more]

Hard timesss

My partner was so sad starting from yesterday. We didnt speak for like 24 hours. I cant ask whats wrong because I know whats wrong (his worry about finance, job, depression, self-hatred, life in general) but I have no power to help him with that. So I just bought $35 worth of groceries. Its not much but I hope he knows I care even though I stayed... [more]

Hot mum

I've been f****** my girlfriend's mum for the past 7 months.lucy is 40 long blonde hair nice figure with big t***. I bumped into lucy after she finished work and we went for a drink,I couldn't stop staring she looked beautiful in her office clothes... [more]

My pecs turned into moobs

Moving in with my girlfriend and going through quarantine my body changed without me noticing. It was some friends who asked if I had put on weight that made me finally aware. It was 15 pounds..
I was so ashamed to see I had a little belly instead of my six pack.
My girlfriend was also playing with it, giving it a rub in bed or pinching my... [more]

Secret feeder fetish but fiancé wants to lose weight

I have always had an attraction to fat girls and women who let go and gain weight. Well, with the pandemic my fiance ended up working from home, and that in combination with injuring her leg led her to sitting around all day and eating whatever she could get her hands on. She has gone from a chubby 160 to a undeniably fat 270 over the last couple... [more]

I took a job and now it's become a love affair

Not everyone's gig, but the money made me take it. I am the personal assistant to a socialite woman, who happens to be three years older than me. At first I slept in the quarters reserved for the staff, a very nice room with a bath and the staff quarters are ample and well furnished with a common area. It is refuge from working all day. But... [more]

I deserve a thousand lashes but I cannot give her up

I was sent to Singapore on business, not unusual for me. Clara my PA had not traveled other than to Cabo and her eyes told me she wanted to go. Not usual but I made arrangements, she could work with our local offices on the new reporting format. I was so soft, a total pushover, I upgraded her to Business Class and a junior suite at our hotel... [more]

Kept woman in a very unlikely situation

I am a kept woman, the words my mother uses. I didn't go looking for a man to keep me. I was working as an entry level bank clerk in the back office and my mother's 15 year old car didn't start and this man who worked there in a suit helped me out with jumper cables. After he got the car started he sat in it and said he couldn't let me drive away... [more]

Waking up to a multiple wife relationship

I got married out of necessity. Money, and I am already 32 without prospects. The man I married, 36, has a former wife. What I didn't know is that his check goes to her, she pays the rent so to speak, all the bills. She scrutinizes my credit card and questions me about what I spend. She came over, unannounced, and I was doing laundry and she... [more]

Living this life for my best friend who I loved with all my heart

My best friend growing up lost her ability to have children as a result of ovarian cancer. Eggs were harvested. She recovered and life was good. I agreed to carry a baby for her. The pregnancy was normal, I carried twins. There we were 30 years old, she had her twins, and the cancer returned, liver, bladder, lungs.
We lost her in six... [more]

My Ex Mother in Law

I got married very young, seventeen in fact. My MIL was in her forties and very attractive (Short brown hair, kind of looked like Bridget Bardot). After my wife became pregnant, her mother stayed at our apartment one night. They were talking about pregnancy and the things that came with it. My MIL casually opened her robe to show us her faded... [more]


This happened in 2015.
I was cleaning my cabin cruiser at the marina when my boat neighbors came by with friends. Instantly the women tried to get me hooked up with Luna.
Luna is not my type but being polite I joined them for drinks.
She’s an emo goth chick and 25. I was 37 and divorced for 4 years.
She was wearing a black bikini and was... [more]

Spanking my girlfriend

When my girlfriend and I are making out and being intimate, she loves me to pull her bikini panties down and smack her keister. The way she moans with pleasure gets me hard as a rock

I got my ex wife pregnant and I still love her

I got ex wife pregnant. We got drunk and hooked up. She firmly does not like me and I'm still in love with her. She's against abortion so I know she's going to keep the kid but she's determined to keep what happened between us a secret because she's with someone else and claims I brought her down to my level on purpose.
I got mad and said I... [more]

In live with the wrong man

I don't understand. I am a 37 year old female adjunct professor at a fairly liberal college. I'm the first to admit I'm am very progressive socially and politically. I met this man, 20 years older than me, who shut me up with his arguments. He left my head spinning. He is forceful and opinionated. He does not agree with my 'politics', and I... [more]

Foolish old me


I started life bad and then got lucky

My past is complicated in a pretty bad way. My father had s** with me at 11. He was drunk. When I had a miscarriage at school the nurse turned it in to the authorities, he was sent to prison for 15 years. My mother and I went from bad to worse, without his paycheck we went on welfare and moved into... [more]

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