I have to hide my happiness...

My best friend is my knight in shining armor! All of my best memories are of things he said to me or did with me. He knows I'm terrified of heights, so when we went to Disneyland for senior trip, he sat with me on every single roller coaster "just in case I wanted to grab his arm" if I freaked out. I wanted to be brave, so I agreed to go on Splash Mountain with my friends. At the point in line where the big sign says "last chance to exit" and I was battling whether to stay in line or bolt, he stepped behind me and wrapped his arms around me - he walked with me that way through the entire rest of the line. When we rode back on the bus the next day and I had only gotten four hours of sleep, I was trying to sleep against the hard glass window and not succeeding at all. He wrapped an arm around me and pulled me towards him so I could fall asleep on his comfortable shoulder instead. When he asks how I'm doing and I tell him I'm "okay", he asks me to tell him the truth. When we chat on Facebook, he always ends his goodbye with "Love ya

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  • what i think is hes being a good BROTHER. i know my brother wold be there for me if i had a problem with heights and he would totally let me sleep on his shoulder. and when he was walking in line with you an he had his arm around you maybe he was trying to keep you brave. thats what chosen brothers are for.

  • *From original poster*

    Nope, I go to school in a place nowhere near Santa Barbara.
    No, I'm not in love with him; I only love him as a friend. (Told ya people would think otherwise, haha!) And it has nothing to do with wealth or looks - actually, all of my close guy friends (including him) are very handsome. But I'm not interested in having a relationship other than friendship with anybody.
    Not all the time - like I said, I'm not twitterpated, so I have no reason to.

  • You wouldn't happen to go to a school around a city named Santa Barbara would you?
    You sure you're not in love with him? Is it because he's not great looking or rich?
    Do you think about him all the time?
    Has he always been there for you?
    Do you enjoy spending time with him?


    Whoa, I didn't know it would cut me off at a word limit... the rest of it was... "and sometimes 'Goodnight beautiful"; and he has no idea that I never felt beautiful or lovable until he came along. I'm not in love with him, and I'm not crushing on him; I only love him as a best friend. But he is the best friend I've ever had. I want to tell my other close friends about why I'm smiling, but I don't want them to think I'm twitterpated. So I have to hide how much I love him so others won't think I'm IN love with him.

  • If there is no "last chance to exit" sign, then what is this?


    I went four weeks ago - they may have added that since you've been.

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