Getting back at you

While I stayed at your house for a few weeks during the summer I heard you typing in the computer every night for about a week. I grew angry and nervous with the thought that you might be cheating on me, especially since my dad cheated on my mom. I should have confronted you...but I knew you would deny it. So when you went to work I logged into your computer and found my way to see what you were doing those nights. I saw the conversations you were having with other girls, and not just any girls, but your ex-girlfriends and friends you had a thing for in high school. My heart sank as I read what you two would talk legs went numb and my heart raced. You talked about wanting to hang out behind my back and how it was "justified" that you shouldn't tell me because it would "only make me mad when there wasn't anything to get mad about.

I wanted to confront you but I knew you would deny it...and I didn't want you to know that I had looked through your computer for my own pride.

A day or two later you told me you wanted to drive to San Francisco and hang out with one of your friends (one of the girls you were talking to online and confessed to her that you had a thing for her in high school, and I read in the im how you thought she was "BEAUTIFUl". You said you wanted to take me and I exploded.

You hung out with her (and your ex-gf anyways as soon as I went back home for the rest of the summer. I messaged them and they claim that it was a group thing, but whatever)

I finally confronted you with built up anger and resentment, but I forced myself to talk to you calmly.

You denied everything until I forced you to tell me the truth and shutting you out of my love.

As of now you haven't made any major mistakes...but I notice that I resent you.....

So I waited for life to take its course and give me justice....they say that whatever goes around comes I waited...and waited...and waited for about 6 months for dogma to happen and it never came.

So I decided to make it happen.

I talked on the phone with a guy friend of mine (honestly just friends as innocent as it can be) during the summer to get back at you. It sounds childish I know. It sounds like I used him to get back at you...I know. But I felt that I had justification for it.

Now you found out that I talked to him and you exploded. You threw it in my face because I didn't tell you about it. And now you think I am decieving and you cant trust me.

I realize that it was childish...but I feel that I got justice. Now you know how I felt.

Oct 2, 2010

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  • I understand where you are coming from on this. I have had some problems with my current boyfriend of over four years (though they are not your exact problems) and I told him he needed to find a place to live if they didn't end. It was hard for me to do this because I do love him very much, but I am about to give birth to my second child and I don't want them growing up in that kind of environment. If this is what feels best to you, it's probably the best thing to do. Sometimes they need to feel what they're putting you through.

  • read what you just wrote, every relationship is like this, I don't care who says they aren't. Its bullshit to try to stay with one person your whole life. Its not what god intended dumbass.

  • honestly, i had a VERY similar experience. i feel where you are coming from. good for you. (:

    you do what u gotta do. now you feel closure.

  • I'd do the same thing.

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