Think I'm in love

I think I may have feelings for one of my wife's friends. She is married too, and I'm pretty good friends with her husband. We've all been friends for several years now, but they (the wives) have been friends since college. Both of us couples have one child each. I don't know what it is about her though? She's cute, not stunning or breath-taking by any means. She's a school teacher (as is my wife) so it's not that she makes good money. She's actually rather boring to be around at times... But for some damn reason, my heart just flutters around her, and I think about her all day long when I'm at work (have for quit some time). My wife, on the other hand is wonderful! She looks great, is a caring and attentive wife and mother. She's smart and articulate. People actually love to be around her. Why is it then do I have these feelings for her friend? I don't have any "romantic" feelings for he other friends, despite many of them being very attractive and successful women. Why her? Also, I'm not sure if her friend shares the same feelings for me, as I do for her. But I do get the feeling, and vibe that she does. At least a little... Or am I just fooling myself? For ex: When we all get together for game nights, we'll play couple vs. couple on the Wii. And every time it's my turn to do a game that makes you dance, she always tries to record me dancing on her i-phone, but never does it for anyone else (actually, it kinda irritates my wife that she does it). And I can tell she gets nervous around me.. If we have several couples over, if her and I hug, it's a very quick and light embrace with a few taps on the back. But she embraces every body else tightly (as if she's afraid someone would say something about us hugging). I catch her starring, but then looks away as if she wasn't starring. She laughs at all my stupid jokes, and listens to all my "long winded" stories as if they were actually good. But when her and I find ourselves in the rare moments of being alone together momentarily, she acts shy and nervous as if she barely knows me. For ex: Last weekend we we're over their house and we were alone upstairs in the kitchen, and our spouses were down stairs in the living room setting up the Wii. She wouldn't come anywhere near me, and pretended to be busy with straitening up random kitchen appliances. If I tried engaging in conversation with her, she would just answer with short "to-the-point" answers, and would offer nothing more. She was careful not to look me in the eyes. This question is more for the ladies... What does all this mean when you all act this way? Is there mutual interest there? Or is that just what I want to believe therefore it seems that way in my head? Even if there was, I don't think either of us would ever make the first move. But still would like to know. I always catch her starring, she always takes pics or vids of me with her phone, and she hangs intently on my every word. But then other times, she barely touches me, seems almost cold or distant when were around her husband or my wife, and seems nervous around me when we're alone together. Does she have the same feelings for me, as I do for her? Or am I just kidding myself?

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  • I think its either 1) she does feel the same way but doesn't want to. She doesn't want to do anything about it but is nervous you might or 2) you have somehow made her aware of your feelings towards her and she is now uncomfortable around you.
    She might be recording you because your funny or entertaining and because you like her your seeing something you want to see. We have all done that. Either way, your wife seems aware of this so unless you want to breakup your family, back off a bit

  • If you are not careful, you are headed for divorce court!!
    If as you say your wife is so wonderful, why are you even thinking about another woman? Believe me IF the the woman does what you say , she is NO friend of your wife's.
    IF you do not want a divorce, STOP all the teenager crap. You know what I'm talking about!Concentrate on your wonderful wife and gives thanks she is YOUR wife.

    Now go do it.Remember, "Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it."

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