I am GAY, God HATES me!

Am I going to h***? I have been a devout Russian Orthodox (similar to Roman Catholics) ever since I vvas a child. I vvas taught not to doubt & question the authority of the priest. VVhen I vvas in the 7th grade, I opened myself to my friends (came out the closet.) I vvas raised a conservative, but lately I have been "brainvvashed" to be liberal. Is it because I have been sinning? All I did vvas be myself, follovv my heart, be in love. But it all hit my head & forced my heart to a deep confusion & depression vvhen I asked the priest "VVhy is it vvrong to be gay?" & he responded to me that it is because "God hates the gays." I literally fell to my knees, cried out so hard my face blushed & I desperately begged for mercy. I later in the argument asked to prove to me in the Holy Bible vvhere it described God hating gays, or at least tell me vvhere to shovv me it reading that gay people vvill go to h***. He got furious at me, yelling at me "blasphemy, you sinner!" He excommunicated me, spreading a rumour that I vvas having sexual relationships vvith a man in the church. Honestly, I did not but here is vvhere my depression comes. The priest told ALL the church, including my family this rumour. And this "man" that I supposedly had a sexual relationship vvith had completely shunned me. He told me he loved me. VVe kissed, vve romantically dated almost everyvvhere vve can think of. VVe partied, defended, & cared for eachother. & this is hovv it ends? Baby! Do not get religion betvveen us! Please ansvver my calls, text, e-mails. I am DESPERATE for your love. I cry every night, hoping that God forgive me for being vvho I am & vve rejoin. VVhy did you move? Might as vvell change your name since you are avoiding me so much. One question to God: "If I vvas not born gay, vvhy did you create me in this life? VVhy vvould I "chose" to be shunned & be an outcast to society? To the vvhole VVORLD! Everyone hates me. The schools, the public facilities, religion, my ovvn vvidovved mother vvho raised me ever since I vvas born to this cruel vvorld. I think of suicide EVERY night I lay my head on my damn bed. I bite my lips to hard making them bleed, vvhere you once so romantically kissed me. I have lost my mind! I am seriously lost. I have attempted to suicide, but it just hurts me knovving that there is someone out there hurting like me & vvaiting for me to shovv them my love. It is over. No one loves me. F*** God.


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  • God doesn’t hate you , don’t believe that lie. God loves you that’s why his son died for you. He does hate sin, adultry, fornication, murder and same s** act. All of them are a sin, and his forgiveness and our repentance is what leads us to him , forgiveness and eternal life in heaven

  • Romans 1!!! You F****** f*****!!!! ALL F*** BURN IN H***!!! The Fact that you're a f** proves your already hellbound!,.....Think about ot!!! FOOL!!!

  • Relax, there is no god.

  • No God Bro, Chill.

  • This person is right god loves you even you are gay. Read the book a prayer for Bobby by Leroy Aron it is a story about a young boy that kills himself because he thinks his mother and her god hates him . I know it will make you change your mind on how god feel about gays

  • First of all. Christ our father, is a God of forgiveness and love. He doesnt hate you simply just because you are gay. In fact, He loves you heaps and wants you to be in an intimate relationship with him. He wants you to show your love for him through praise and worship. He hates sins and unrighteousness but he loves us thats why Christ painfully died for our sins. on the cross.

    I am very pleased that you know you are doing the wrong thing. God didn't create you to be gay. But it is you own decision that you want to be with man, sweetheart. Tell you the truth, God would never let our life run smoothly and successfully without his intervention. This is your challenge in your life that you have to overcome. And I believe you can do it. Trust in God he will give you strength, hope and courage to overcome this. As it is said, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.” Mark 8:34-35

    Be more like Christ. The perfect man. And be less of me. It's time you take up your cross if you truely love God.

  • *throws up* Sooo F****** Christian of you ugg!

  • God created you gay. This is the way you were supposed to be. God loves you, and he has somebody and something special for you. You can't choose to be homosexual, you are born that way, and I'll pray that you find love and happiness. If anybody deserves happiness, it's you.

  • There is no god bro. We all have god within ourselves. The most important thing in life is to work hard, be kind to people and cherish friends and family. As long as it's another consenting adult human being, you can f*** anyone you want. Don't the religious crap too seriously.

  • God loves everyone , sinners and all. after all it is in our nature because we are living in a world where everything is ok. We all hav different demons to conquer in our lives. As a Christian I believe that God loves everyone regardless of their sexual orientation, race and or gender. We are all equal. You know that God is holy and that any sin can not be in his presence that's why we must repent and ask for forgiveness. This doesn't mean that you will not feel homosexual feelings... Because you will. Homosexuality has been around forever this is due to the sinful nature. It seems to me that being a homosexual would be easier because you have the same functioning brain. This ideology however differs among people. Do I think you will go to h***? I can never tell anyone the answer. I can't even answer this one for myself. All I can say is I hope not... It's a hard question. God is forever merciful and he loves everyone. The only question is do we love God enough to give up our earthly desires?

  • YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER THAT THE BIBLE WAS WRITTEN BY MAN. God ain't no playwrite, the mortas wrote the bible in responce to the time period they lived in. stuff like:

    -if a bride wasn't a virgin on her wedding day, she'd go to her fathers house and be stoned
    - disobidient children shoud be killed

    that stuff was in responce to the time period people lived in. no one takes that stuff seriously, so god will still love you gay or not

    deinen zaüber binden weilder was die mode streng veilteit, alle menschen werden brüder his ten sanfer frügelveit

    your magic reunites a custom strictly divine, all of the men become brothers where your gentle wings rest

    so don't take it too hard k? god wouldn't want you so depressed

  • if you think being gay is a sin, think what i did. i dont beleive in how the earth and universe was made by god. no, because it wasnt. im not sayin that i dont beleive in god, hes just not always there for us. i am and astronomer and a theoriatricle physisist, and im only 14 and way past collage stages. (that explains the spellin) you no what? im all for the theory of everything. i wanna know how everything or anything exists and works. doesnt that make god hate me too? im goin against him. im not one of his holy people anymore. i am a sinner. but you and i are wrong. god still loves us. we were put on earth for a reason, and that reason is to find it and fallow our heartd. :)

  • my best friend told me he was gay about last year. he is Jehovah witness, and is always wondering if God hates him for what he feels. i am christian, and believe god loves absolutely everyone. why would God hate you for loving someone who is the same gender? that is what i never understood. You have nothing too be forgiven for. Love who you want. Its your heart and your life. Dont let anyone else control it. <3

  • Ok, first of all, I don't believe in god. But for people who do, wasn't god once the being that loved you all? No matter what? Admit it, the only thing hating gay people is YOU and the churches that have the same opinion shouldn't be called churches. They are just racsist communities because every discrimination is racsism and the phrase "God hates gays" is nothing more than a propaganda, nothing more than brainwashing. The churches GAIN PEOPLE by this propaganda, because now, they need them more than ever. More and more people leave the church. I don't know if you have noticed, but religion is a real BUSINESS, just like politics and consumer society are. Why else would you have to pay to be touched by the pope?

    Now I'm not saying that every single one of those churches out there are
    like this, there still are those who believe in a way that is truly remarkable. Here in Europe for example, the church has no propaganda against gay people. I know a guy who is gay and even though his father is a priest, they are a family.

    At this point I want to say that I have the fundamental human right of opinion and who doesn't respect it, is worth nothing more than the lying churches. So now, I don't believe in god. I think that all these people that have left the church, their religion behind are not the weak you say they are. They are quite the opposite, they are the strong, because they are strong enough to believe in themselves and not some god who doesn't care about them. Have you ever sat at the edge of your bed and prayed to god that he will please, please make something happen? Did
    It happen? No it didn't. And I will tell you why, because the world, this world you live in, is real. It's made from real earth, from real cities, from real people and if you don't do something by yourself, it will not happen. I believe in myself and I don't need to believe in any god as long as I do.

    For those who don't think like me, ok, I respect your opinion, as long as you know how to make the difference between a church believing in god and a church believing in money.

    To the poster of the confession, i really hope you read this. Because the only way you can survive in this cruel world is believing in yourself and in what you are! If it helps, believe god loves you no matter what! And always remember, your mom does to and always will. Try talking to her, don't be afraid to clear things up. If necessary, write a letter and leave it somewhere she will find it for sure. Do the same thing with the man you love, appear on his doorstep unannounced and tell him you need him and he needs yours. In times like this, it's important to help eachother, so don't expect his help when you don't give any (even though I doubt you don't give any).

    As for your problem with your religion, I suggest the first thing you do now is walk into the church you have been visiting, point at the priest and yell "You are no man of god!".

    Good luck, please update soon so I know if you are alright. :)

  • Sweetie god dont hate gays,he dont hate he loves and he loves u nomatter what u are..dont worry about what other people say.just love yourself and be who u was born to be..be happy

  • Yes, be happy. Be who you are. Life is too short.

  • vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv who else noticed this?

  • God doesn't hate anyone, but I HATE the gays. They are nasty, dirty, filthy pigs who have to flaunt what they do in everyone's faces. I don't care what you do in your bedroom, but I do get mad when they have that "in your face" attitude and have parades and public displays of their homosexuality. I wish they'd just go back in the closet. We don't need to know what your sexual preference is unless we are interested in you.

  • God doesn't hate anyone, but I'm having a hard time not hating you. Somebody's elses sexuality doesn't matter. AT ALL. People like you are the reason why gay people "flaunt what they do in everyone's faces". Can you imagine being tormented constantly by idiots like you every single day for being with somebody you love? The whole purpose of the parades and public displays is to educate the world of YOUR prejudice and unfairness. I can't tell you what God sees of this, but I know that prejudice is extremely dumb, irrational, and completely pointless. I am a 14 year old straight girl, by the way. Thanks for insulting my best friend, cousins, stepsister, and all of the other "nasty, dirty, filthy pigs who have to flaunt what they do in everyone's faces".

  • last anonymous...you are a dumbass

  • I would encourage you to read about Jesus. Most of the time his rage and anger was directed towards the hypocritical religious leaders. It was the prostitutes, tax collectors, adulterers, and other sinners that he communed with and showered with love and compassion. It does say that homosexuality is a sin, but so is lying and gossiping. As humans we may rate one sin more evil than another, but God does not. Please, read what Jesus did and said. The hatred and rejection you are feeling may be more from those people that are trying to make you be more like them or who openly condemn you in the name of God. I wish I knew you. You need love, compassion, and true friendship. I'm so sorry that your "friends" and "loved ones" have failed you my precious one. Read John 4 about the Samaritan woman at the well. John 8 is about the woman who was about to be stoned for adultery. John is an excellent book. Please read it all. My heart goes out to you and I'm so sorry for your pain my brother.

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