My boyfriend is about to cheat

My boyfriend left his computer on. As I wanted to shut it down, the screen flicked on and his email was open. I noticed a list of emails from an unknown person. The subject lines where the ones that made me look. They never met. But the conversations where very sexual. I am not sure what to do.

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  • I was in a simular situation, My boyfriend lent me his laptop, and i was saving some work when I saw a screenshot in his saved pictuer's of a msn webcam conversation to this other girl. She was wearing nothing but lace and it looks suspecious I was in shock and very upset. So being all paranouid, I looked up the conversation history, After it I was in tears and ready to end it. All the sexual talk and the plans to meet up, Nothing he had ever done before hurt me as much as this. In the conersation it turnd out she was engaged to another man but it didn't seem to matter.

    I eventualy sent the conversation to her fiance ( not sure if it was for the best but he apreciated it and said thank you to me, i felt he had a right to know. )

    I confronted my beyfriend and he said it was all just jokes and that they never met up, and that i didn't understnd their "friendship".

    He also blamed me for almost ruening her relationship with her fiance and told me he didnt want to see me again.

    After alot of emational stuff he wanted me back, I wasn't sure if i wanted him back. We we're apart for a while, but i discoverd that our relationship is worth more than that, so now we are back together but i just dont trust him as I used to.

    I dont know how much you love this guy, but i agree with the previous comments. He realy should not be doing that, in my opinion it's already cheating because the hurt has already been done.

    I wish you the best x

  • I'd call that cheating. I don't know what crazy definition you have of what CHEATING is, but in my opinion if the thought was there and he was talking sexually to anyone other than you, period, then that is cheating. Physically is not the only way to cheat. Not worth it, get out while you can.

  • be ready

  • He will keep cheating on you for the rest of your relationship. This kind of guys have no limit. There is never "enough". If you want to live like this, go ahead. Do not believe him that those e-mails were just for fun. NO! He was about to meet that woman and have s**. Then, he was ready to move on to the next one. Get real, it's up to you. If I were you I would break up with him without even telling him why. But you are probably very young or inexperienced and you believe him whatever he tells you, and he takes advantage of that.

  • You're damned if you do and damned if you don't. You have nothing to lose except for a cheating boyfriend. Put yourself first. If you tell him you read the emails, he'll be mad at you. And if you question if he's cheating, he'll be mad at you for asking. But if you don't, you'll be mad at yourself. You have evidence and regardless of how you got it, you know. I would straight up ask him what's up. If he's planning on cheating on you, then break up so that you can move on and find a man who won't. And if he's not, then say to him that the letters are inappropriate, and that has to stop.

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