Never Finished College

I never finished college tho most people think I did.
I partied a lot my last semester and I was 10 credits short of graduation. I told everyone I was graduating but did not want to go to any graduation ceremony. I was 28 at the time. Twenty years later, it still haunts me. I lied big time.

Is this a common confession ? I am too old to go back to college and most colleges would never recognize those credits from so long ago.

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  • Going back to college is fine, as other people have said. however, don't expect it to be a comfortable experience.

    the social aspect of it, which makes up the vast majority of the college experience, will be off the table for you. yeah, nobody ever mentions that part, do they? too busy virtue signaling about how 'it's never too late.' well, i did it and can tell you what's up. nobody will physically stop you from trying to join in the reindeer games, but the cowlike stares and awkward silences and deliberate 'accidental' exclusions will add up quickly. also, if you're truly mature, a lot of it just won't appeal to you anyway.

    tldr-- go for it, it'll be a good thing, just remember you're not 19 anymore lest you be embarrassingly reminded. there are a few dumb comedies about it out there, and there's some truth to them. signed, a 'non traditional' alumnus.

  • Finish! You are never too old!! Stop living a lie. Or be honest and admit to your lie. You will feel better

  • Go back to school! You'll feel so much better once you finally do what you said you've already done. It'll be hard to keep it a secret that you're going back to college, so you might as well just tell people the truth. Then again, you can probably get 10 credits in one semester even.

  • You're never too old to go back to college. Some of your requirements for the major may have changed, but they're maybe a lot of classes that still can be accepted/transferred. You can also do online degrees now too. Call up your old college and ask them what would be needed to complete your degree..or go for something different. Don't let this haunt you..keep on moving forward.
    Go for it. You have nothing to lose.

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